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  1. Plastic or small things like partial matter.

  2. To be faaaaaaaaair….. no one should consume diabetes

  3. Soap bar rocks! Also super economical and less plastic impact. Which made me realize all the bottles liquid soaps are straight up marketing scam.

  4. That is so very true. Honestly. I don’t know how people can afford being fat. For me 2-3 items grocery is 20-30$

  5. You do not have Morgellins disease. You have a mental illness.

  6. Hmmmmmmm but what about the white fibers?

  7. I would def discuss with your doctor, they would most likely dismiss it although, maybe you could get it tested to see what it actually is tho

  8. It’s in the news. They keep telling us plastic is IN us….

  9. listen, inflation has hit landlords hard. if they can't raise rents 10x the inflation rate, how will they pay for their kid's 7th year of Independent Studies at NYU?

  10. No no. The 10th vacation they are struggling to recover from

  11. I think shroom trip my ignite some feeling back into you

  12. How many times you rest in this area with your palm? Checking your phone in bed. Sitting by the table? How many time you itched it? Usually?

  13. I have scalp follucolites… I also think I also most of my hair before 28..

  14. Sounds like sexism to me… why should there be females only?

  15. Homeshare hosts get more leeway when it comes to personal safety. For instance, they can reject service dogs if they’re allergic or if they have a pet that’s dog-aggressive or something.

  16. Gay guys made advances on Me too and I can say I got sexually harassed. Def not the greatest feeling of all. But I can’t be like. Straight guys only….

  17. The Ukrainian should do this right now and pile up and send the money to war effort

  18. Because it looks good for Putin in the short term. Putin is absolutley fucked here, and he knows it. Losses like this are what got the Tsars killed off.

  19. There’s a limit of bodies you can throw at a conflict. Especially at this rate..

  20. They aren’t ribs of steel! Are you blind? He clearly has some kind of yellow forcefield!

  21. Agreed! People travel and need place to stay. Now you gonna waste your life on something nothing to do with you.

  22. More like 20 years… at 7 hour sleep dying at around 80

  23. I’m looking for apartment. Spoke to broker. Rented out studio apartment in brooklyn south for $1700 plus fee. That’s $1800 for apartment with one single room. How are 20 year old suppose to get living?

  24. You probably have even better stuff. Try glycolic acid instead. Honestly works better imo

  25. Ohhhhhh that’s why they aim for the face! I was wondering. Thank you.

  26. And you always watch the kerbs! Always!

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