1. Not really, it's the same infrastructure WoW had. Just a different corporate name.

  2. Anyway I didn't mean to start an argument but it is really troubling that people can't get access to their regular medication because of this. Someone should develop a MMJ friendly Dr database. I know there's a database for employers that don't test for THC. Reddit has a list of childfree friendly obgyn too. 🤔

  3. I have found their ungraded (not choice or prime) brisket dry with little marbling.

  4. In case it has not been clear to everyone in the program, the Pharmacy Board views its job as restricting the use of medical marijuana, not aiding and assisting patients.

  5. Blower, trimmer and weed wacker work well, especially the leaf blower.

  6. You can contest their appraisal but only at certain times. You will likely lose though.

  7. Here's the story behind the brands: Chinese watches are primarily low-priced knock-offs (copies) of well-known, more expensive watches. Labor is cheap and they have no shame in ripping off designs.

  8. If you mean by knock-offs homage watches, it's not only the Chinese that are guilty of it; but some people seem to act all offended by homage watches made by Chinese manufacturers, but they don't care if a non-Chinese brand did the same. If you knew anything about Chinese watch-making, you'd know they're not limited to the brands that exist on AliX, and there are many non-homage brands. Not saying they are the best, but putting all Chinese watch brands in the same basket is very ignorant.

  9. Note that I wrote primarily low-priced knock offs. There are stand-alone brands, as you note, but it's mostly all about copies.

  10. Jesus, how could you die on that stretch of road, it's a 25 mph zone.

  11. It’s 35. Please don’t be the 20mph drivers.

  12. I grow my own and get bushels of fresh shipped every fall.

  13. Not unless this person can carry a boat for hundreds of yards at a time.

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