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  1. Been eyeing this one for a while. Have heard lots of good reviews recently. Gonna have to give this one a try soon.

  2. Tally Mon, Orange Kush Cake were both good for me. Never had the Sour Papaya.

  3. I hate cleaning the little bastards but they sure are tasty!

  4. Sour Blue Diesel gives me the smileys. Garlic Breath 2.0 and Lemon Dosidos give me serious couch lock.

  5. The way that I discovered I have thalassophobia was by playing Stranded Deep, which this game kind of reminds me of.

  6. A similar thing happened to me when playing Assassins Creed Odyssey. Swimming into deepwater to recover loot makes me nervous as hell.

  7. Galenas: Alien Pebbles, Lembas Dough/ Buckeye Relief: Garlic Breath 2.0/ Woodward: Blueberry Cheesecake

  8. Nothing against RC but if I'm going to buy the more expensive product I'm going with Woodward or Galenas. If I'm looking for bulk at a cheaper price I go with Buckeye Relief or Certified.

  9. Buckeye relief has Kings Mustache though and it's one of my favorites out of the entire program

  10. Absolutely. Buckeye Relief is my go to when buying bulk. Garlic Breath 2.0 is one of my favorites. They have alot of consistently good choices.

  11. Cool, thanks. Part of me was hoping it would be same day so I could go today lol but that’s still pretty good. Cheers

  12. It may be. I do know people that have gotten it the same day. I'm not sure how it works being a weekend. Once they approve you they send your recommendation to the state and then they will send you a link via email to register and print your card. Best of luck to you.

  13. Well I’m approved, that was laughably easy lol. Literally a 10 second phone call, no questions asked. I should’ve done this years ago! I do wonder how this is allowed though since the doctor isn’t even in ohio. Oh well, now just waiting for the card!

  14. Congratulations! It is insanely easy. Hopefully you can get your card soon and put it to use. Enjoy!

  15. I currently own a Crafty as someone else had recommended. It's great but if you are looking for something more budget friendly I recommend a POTV ONE. It's a decent option if shopping on a budget. I bought one when I first tried vaping dry herb and it worked out well for me. I would still be using it if I had not been gifted the Crafty.

  16. Woodward, Buckeye Relief, Galenas, Certified, Klutch, Ancient Roots, Farkas Farms, Bullseye Gardens. All of them have hits and misses but these would be the ones that produce the most consistent quality products I've experienced in the program.

  17. 5 gallon bucket, small heater and a sponge filter. I always keep a spare sponge filter running in one of my established aquariums for use when setting up a quarantine/hospital tank.

  18. Marineland Penguin 200&350, Fluval 407, several sponge filters. Owned several Aqueon over the years and they never lasted very long for me either.

  19. Not personally. But I do know of several others who have and it sounds as if they have not improved much.

  20. I had my renewal appointment with him last year. Is was not for PTSD but I wouldn't anticipate any problems. Its pretty much you got the money you get the card. I would be surprised if it was more than a 1 minute video call. Mine was seriously no longer than 30 seconds. Even though yours may not be a renewal I seriously doubt you will have any issues. Everyone I know that has went through online doctors regardless of their qualifying condition without any medical records has gotten approved.

  21. Nuggmd. No need to worry about medical records. Sign up for an appointment online have a 30 second conversation with the doctor and that's about it.

  22. I was almost through their entire process when I looked them up on the BBB and saw a ton of complaints. It sounds like you had a good experience though!

  23. Yeah it was no problem for me. This was my first time using them and 3rd renewal. There are a few others I personally know within my family that have used Veriheal and Ohio Cannabis Connection. They had pleasant experiences with them as well. Same process as I described earlier. Its basically if you got the money you get the card.

  24. Just recently purchased Galenas/Lembas Dough. Was very pleased with this one.

  25. I'm trying the full spectrum today. I know 75 mg seems like a lot to people but I have a liver disease and I think that's what's preventing me from getting the effects. I've been told previously to try RSO, so I'm hoping this brings some actual relief

  26. I've found RSO to be much more effective in this regard. Hopefully it helps you!

  27. For the most part. Your tolerance may allow for more but I would start there.

  28. It sounds like it tastes like layer cake from Grow Ohio. It’s one of the tastier strains out there.I haven’t tried Mimosa, but have had the other two. I always bitch about Galena’s pricing because you really have to get it on sale. At least I do. But, I’d love to try this one & their Northern Frostberry. I’m a sucker for fun crosses.

  29. Just picked this up this past weekend. You wont be disappointed if you do purchase this. This is a good one for sure.

  30. No shame in this setup at all! Be patient and persistent with getting used to it. Shout out to Mom for the great gift. Merry Christmas and wishes for tight lines in your future!

  31. I've never purchased in that large of a quantity but I've had Certified kief (Concrete Jungle) and it was very good.

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