1. Post more pictures im tryna see this in the sunlight !

  2. Definitely going to this weekend when i’m at my parents! Haven’t seen it in sunlight myself so pretty curious to see how well the flake will show. Especially after sanding the clear, and cutting then buffing.

  3. It isn’t, I forgot the name but i’ll grab if for you on saturday when i’m back at my parents house. Thank you!

  4. Konig dekagrams! 18x9.5 front +25 and 10.5 rear +18.

  5. No problem brother! They’ve held up great with the past 2 years of abuse, not to mention they are flow forged, so they’re extremely light and durable.

  6. It’s your car, don’t ask others for validation/opinion unless you aren’t building it for yourself. Do whatever you want!

  7. with that being said, i must include my opinion though. Tint would definitely clean it up and maybe sit a little lower, aside from that I don’t think i’d touch anything else, clean z bro🤙

  8. I am sorry that I do not advice, but I am curious about this myself. So I am making a comment to try and keep this post active, and hopefully someone else will have an answer.

  9. I’ll keep my build updated as more parts come in. I’ve been more active and there’s not a lot of information about building revups, so i’m hoping i can provide that to the community. I’m currently getting wiseco pistons 11.1, eagle rods, jwt s7 cams or kelford cams, oem timing kit, oem gasket kit, oem bearings and head bolts (maybe arp), oem water pump, then everything else in between (valve covers, spark plugs, fuel injectors etc.). Going to check clearance in between oil pump gears to determine if i get a new one or not. I’m hoping off of pump gas after tuned, to make 300+ whp. If i see 300 wheel i’m happy anything after that is just a bonus, for my application i’m building my motor for my z which was my daily and drift car. Hoping to bring it back the same and drive it around town, beat it at the track and drive home. Or drive cross country without issues. Any other questions you have let me know i’d be happy to answer. Oh and rpm wouldn’t be raised over 8k.

  10. Factory spec - oil pressure up to temp 14 psi or higher (at idle). 2k rpm should be 43 psi or higher, 3k rpm 60 or higher. At cold start should be 100+. Anything below 10, motor is tired. Rebuilding my revup currently because my psi at idle was 3 psi. Also anytime you are concerned always check with a mechanical gauge, these sensors and gauges are finicky.

  11. oil pressure oil pressure oil pressure. if the gauge doesn’t work or the sensors wack, bring a mechanical gauge I can’t stress it enough. also listen closely for drivetrain noise and any gear grinds/slips. bringing a stethoscope wouldn’t be a bad idea either.

  12. I say build one reliable healthy revup motor to show the rest of us revup owners what there capable of. But about the building the engine thing you can look up nitish21 on YouTube or Instagram he built a 1000hp vq35de so he has some game about the whole engine building process. Hope that helps 👍

  13. Will do! I’ve actually been speaking to him for almost 2 years at this point😅. Just trying to gain as much knowledge before I blow close to 5k on my build. If you’re interested I’ll post my whole sheet before I order everything. Motor is getting machined next week, boring .020 over and decking the block, resurfacing heads, porting etc.

  14. this looks so sweet. can I get a rundown on what you did? I just stripped my block and i’m coming up with a list of internals. recommend anything or got any advice?

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