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  1. Honestly vandal is better than phantom on breeze with good trigger control due to the long distances you will shoot at.

  2. there shouldnt really be any long distances when you’re against a team of 5 controllers

  3. Iron noob here, can you explain this? Like if I’m defending I’m at the back of site maybe and I see someone entry on A, aren’t they long distance? Idk anything lol

  4. you likely wouldn’t see them entry because they can smoke basically everything they want.

  5. ASTR is supposed to be quite different this year. He’s changed it

  6. ASTR is a complete breeze, not sure what it was like last year/before but it couldn’t have possibly been much better than it is currently.

  7. 1 deferred, 2 waiting, 3 waiting, 4 accepted, 5 accepted

  8. i never imagined seeing ish13c on the clash of clans subreddits

  9. Where is Grefg? yeah Grefg the icons skin that looks like dragon ball

  10. he isn't an english speaking streamer, so he isn't on the list

  11. dont benjy and tay tay have more earned in the online era?

  12. yeah, but this is only a leaderboard of NAE online earnings

  13. Yes, one of my friends has peaked radiant multiple times while playing on 1600 dpi 0.5 in game

  14. When I used to use it (now use a GPX) I would use it for discord toggle mute.

  15. Is this with max shield or just health by itself? Matters a lot.

  16. it doesn't matter if it's max shield or not, the damage won't change.

  17. because most other games have an age minimum higher than 13 years old

  18. stop talking crap now, also 13 is innacurate and you are just latching onto that its more like 15-20

  19. 13 isn't innaccurate considering the minimum age to compete in Fortnite is 13, which is what I was referencing.

  20. wait can you explain? Like does it only take hp to get you down to 75 and then it's done?

  21. yup, that's exactly how it works. it takes 25 white hp in exchsnge for speed and jumping buffs

  22. he just turned 18 a while ago and graduated highschool

  23. Type in chat its as simple as "Smoking heaven and ct on A" also you can ping. Also the majority can use mics. Just seems like complaining for nothing

  24. Or... people could not have to type that and it would just shoe on the map automatically.

  25. Their brand power and social media are pretty much non-existing, none of their players is top 20 Valorant streamer, and they came from the Fortnite (completely different playerbase). No wonder they have no fans.

  26. he wouldnt have one if wasnt for fortnite, plus he isnt exactly good lmao

  27. He has hundreds of thousands of dollars in earnings but he isn't that good?

  28. Aside from really high age rating, orgs need to grow a pair and stop their players from acting unprofessionally. The players don't even represent their org half of the time and they whine and harass others. Look an sen. Bugha is a good figure and actually reps his org likes hes supposed to and they help him back.

  29. You realize there is another controller with a mousepad, mouse, and scroll wheel built in, right? you arent the first

  30. why the fuck would a controller need a built in mousepad

  31. My G430 just broke in the same place recently!

  32. Same thing happened with me, they just don't seem to be built amazing overall (I took good care of them, never raged etc)

  33. I had this exact situation happen to me a couple months ago with my G430, ended up getting Hyperx Cloud II and haven't had any problems.

  34. I can't tell if it has to do with the timing, positioning or maybe both but either way it needs looking into

  35. I had this happen to me on ascent, also happened right when my tp ended.

  36. i dont think so, i have rtx 2060 and i7-8700 but my builds still look mobile with high res textures and without

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