1. Hey I’ve been playing it again and it’s good. Also, this is really random.

  2. Please read my replies to that other guy, i think i explained everything

  3. Ok well what if OP is most likely not using it as a personality trait then?

  4. I guess but putting it right above "dislikes avocados" felt to me like it's what they're trying to imply.

  5. Well it’s just a placement thing and shouldn’t really be thought of.

  6. I don’t care what you say, they are actually updating the game unlike other RE multiplayer games.

  7. I think it’s Grom. It’s the most well known scene for non TOH fans.

  8. I think Vee got more attention than Eda and King combined since Thanks to Them

  9. I’m still pissed about Milo. While I don’t really like Hamster and Gretel, I hope it doesn’t get cancelled.

  10. As an American, I grow my understanding of geography so that I might hate the English with greater accuracy.

  11. The only good fans. Boys in school were being complete dicks today and for some reason were annoying me about being a wrestling fan and hating sports even though I wasn’t bothering them. And other fans start riots, attack people and vandalise stuff even though it’s just fucking sports. These fans were actually being respectful and mature and doing what people should do. Japan may have won the match, but they won something better, everyone’s respect.

  12. Boys in school are horrible when world cup is on... iam teaching 7th grade and this week is just the boys screeming watching football.

  13. Exactly, I had to cover my ears while I was drawing. Having to halt drawing repeatedly was annoying and it was the loudest room I’ve ever been in.

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