1. one of mine recently clocked out due to old age. it was basically a two month long slow decline. he started off eating less and i noticed he wasn’t as active or goofy. then he started to lose foot size gradually. he began to tiptoe with about a month left and also stopped being as horny. he really slept most of the last 1.5-2 weeks until he ultimately died (in the food bowl no less). i pulled him after he was partially ajar for about 8 hours without moving at all. i’ve noticed if you catch them really early after death they really don’t reek and just have a faint ammonia smell on top of the usual tank smell. i tested to see if he’d move and gently pushed and pulled his little operculum and touched his foot to see if he’d flinch or pull back. there was absolutely no response and he stayed in whatever position i put his foot in so i made the call to just go ahead and bury him despite lack of putrid odor. i didn’t want him to wreck the water quality for the two babies in with him by leaving him in overnight just to be 500% sure. 99.9% was enough for me. he was the best boy🥹

  2. it be like that sometimes. hopefully my timeline can kind of help you along the way if yours is getting old!!

  3. Thanks! I got these from my neighbor and just looked at our old messages, they actually hatched Sept 23rd so they just turned 4 months today. I think it was just napping after all cause now it seems totally fine lol

  4. I am currently a stay a home mum and honestly I would do this 2 days a week for $200 if I could do in my own home with my daughter at home.

  5. Exactly, I am a SAHM with 3 of my own and watch my friends baby 3 days a week for $150. Two days a week for $200? Sign me up lol

  6. Hi! I just finished filled up the tank all the way! I’ve been doing water testing every day and that depleted some of the water haha! Thank you so much! :)

  7. A glass lid will help with evaporation, otherwise you’re going to struggle to keep that full.

  8. Yes, I’m aware this is an airport(especially regional) issue, not a Central Oregon issue. But good lord… why do I not remember to eat before coming here. That must have cost them, what, $0.52 in supplies?

  9. Yes, because they only pay for supplies for your one salad. Definitely not wages for the employees working there OR space rent.

  10. They also make you decline giving a tip when you buy something from the quick stop / convenience store there as well. Why would I tip when I’m buying a bottle of water??

  11. Because they don’t just sell water, it’s also a coffee shop..

  12. So I moved in July! And they were fine during the move, and had been fine up until December. I won’t lie, the holidays got really busy for me and the tank was neglected. I noticed my fish were all really lethargic after Christmas, and I realized I needed to change the water. When I wasn’t getting improved PH after my water changes, I reached out to them. They told me to do 10% water changes every week until they improved, and gave me some random liquid in a little bag to add to the tank. I also picked up some live plants for them to snack on, cause I thought a change in environment could help, especially if they can eat it haha.

  13. What do you mean by your PH wasn’t stable? What about your other parameters?

  14. I’m a fourth year apprentice in this program if anyone’s got questions- it’s been great for me!

  15. i love seeing physical progress with fishies. my comet had awful ammonia burns on him when i got him and now he’s all white and gold, almost like the colors of this one! what’s his name?!

  16. Those aren’t ammonia burns on this fish, though. He’s a tricolor or calico and that’s their coloring. The black almost always goes away because it’s not a “stable” color :)

  17. i can try but ive been looking at lamps for my tank and since it’s kinda big, lamps are expensive, i don’t really wanna keep using the lights that are built into the lid since i kindve want to keep the top open if that makes sense so i can add more pothos along the way

  18. Add a grow bulb to that lamp next to your tank, they’re like $10.

  19. Oh my god. I’ve never actually laughed that hard a title before. Don’t worry, he’s just silly looking, but also, maybe something could be there. I would recommend aquarium salt to start.

  20. I agree with the salt. He’s looking a bit pinkish/red which could be a sign of sickness. Keep a close eye on parameters and do frequent water changes too, they’re dirty fish lol

  21. I got my most recent fish from King Koi and I’m very happy with it

  22. I found her Instagram, she has a couple stories posted basically saying they stole them to give them a better life and that the reptile store owner is “no better than Petco”. Her insta is @phlegmbrain if you want to see the trash for yourself

  23. Lol, so they were so concerned with the lives of the reptiles they took the time to pick out the prettiest to steal, even talking to each other by phone to decide.

  24. They also could’ve, I don’t know, bought them? She’s as smart as she looks, that’s for sure.

  25. Doesn’t look like it to me, ich looks like they’ve been sprinkled with salt. Whatever is on this fish seems smaller and they look like tiny strings or something?

  26. I’m honestly not 100% what his is, but aquarium salt is a very broad spectrum so I’d give that a try. I’d do a 1 tablespoon to 2 gallon ratio to start, make sure you replace the salt with each water change you do. If no improvement in 4-5 days, up it to 1 tablespoon per gallon. Hope your guy gets better!

  27. I have an aqua clear 110 on my 55gal and it works great.

  28. I just checked amonia levels and it's already spiked to between 1 and 2 ppm

  29. Not adding Prime would not cause your ammonia to spike. Your tank is either not cycled and you already had ammonia or your water source has ammonia in it.

  30. No, but not adding prime would cause the clorine in my tap water to knock off the bacteria that converts it. Tank is established over 5 months it's well cycled. Was no amonia in it before water change

  31. I been seeing posts about The Soup almost daily and tried making it the other night. We followed the instructions exactly.

  32. I also just made it and was disappointed based on all the hype. It was good, but nothing special!

  33. He definitely looks pineconed to me, need a photo from above to be sure, but he looks pretty swollen for a slim bodied fish. He’s not necessarily too far gone, but you need to start antibiotics asap if you want to give it a shot at saving him. Metroplex and Kanaplex are a good place you start along with the epsom salt. Just be aware that he will only be savable if this is bacterial or parasitic.

  34. 2 months old is too early to be splitting between 2 households like this. baby needs stability. that is why the court does that. it’s not about what dude wants, it’s about what’s best for the baby…?

  35. Exactly, this could be seriously damaging to the child. Poor baby, he needs his mother who he just lived inside of for 9 months.

  36. Fucking subscribe-wall, anyone have the study the aeticle links to?

  37. I got my first Oranda from lewnews. She came quickly but did arrive with Ich. I had her for 2 years before she developed dropsy and I wasn’t able to save her. But she was a beautiful fish with a great personality.

  38. I am starting to think when they are crowded ich develops, I purchased some goldfish from a really nice pond store in the area, they even have Japanese lines of Koi and Goldfish, and I got some Sarasas and fan tails with ich. I always quarantine anyway, and they would be going into a new setup that I will be cycling starting this month, and hopefully purchasing in about February, About how large was the one you got?

  39. I also have read the stress of shipment lowers their immune system and makes them more susceptible to ich too. She was listed as “small” and I’d say she was about 2-2.5 inches from nose to tail when I got her.

  40. You know you don’t have to get vaccines to go to school because of exemptions, right?

  41. Looks fungal to me. I wouldn’t dose with anything else at the moment, sounds like a pretty intensive treatment you’ve already started (I personally only would’ve done one of those treatments and salt to start). How long has your tank been set up? 0 nitrates means you have either a very heavily planted tank or an uncycled one.

  42. About 8 months, it’s a pond tank with lot of plants in it. Mostly water lettuce that covers the surface of the water, and occasionally I’ll put lots of duckweed in as well, though the goldfish inside eat it pretty quick.

  43. Oh that’s awesome! I’d love to have one like that someday. Well I think your little guy will be just fine with what you’re doing. Keep us updated :)

  44. Mine love broccoli but you gotta let it get nice and ripe with a 24 hour soak in 79 degree aquarium water, apparently.

  45. That’s exactly what I put in yesterday and they picked at it a couple times, but today they were on it the entire day. So 24 hours is the trick apparently!

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