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  1. I have a list of places to go see. We're into seeing old ghost and mining towns. So we'll pick a place we haven't been to, and go to Freecampsites.net to see what campgrounds are close by. Maybe there's a hot spring too. If so, a bonus. I've been turned off on itineraries since my first marriage. A 7 day trip to Disneyland, San Diego zoo, Sea World, Hollywood, Las Vegas. I needed 2 weeks to recoup. Now we might list stuff we'd like to see and do, but if it doesn't get done, well, it'll still be there tomorrow. I also have a list of where we stayed and what site if we liked the place.

  2. The border is a complete joke under thus administration. Record illegal aliens crossing, record terrorists caught, record get aways, record drugs crossing. And yet the schmucks in DC think all is good. TDS is at such an all time high that the dcp followers lose their shut at the drop of a hat.

  3. Oh, did that big scary immigrant caravan reach the border? Or does that only exist when racist Republicans are running for office?

  4. Actually, the racists are, and really have been, the party you support....

  5. Amtrak bail outs almost every presidential term since Carter.

  6. Wingers will probably have it. Most sports bars in Boise should have one set. If not, just ask and they'll change. Applebee's might. Red Robin might.

  7. Comfort is primary. Weight is something to keep in mind all. A Waterproof covering isn't a priority for me. It is a bed, not a water bed. But a covering to be in between the sheets and mattress is nice.

  8. Thanks for the feedback! A lot of people have told me that they would use only the mattress for a few weeks out of the year and so price is also very important. They don't want to spend $1,000 on something that won't get that much use.

  9. I really do not know how manufacturers do their thing. But, the manufacturers will buy the crappiest mattress for their campers that they can get. I don't know of anyone that still has their manufacturer mattress after the second month. Price I'll pay for if the comfort is there. I bought a mattress a few years back for my bed at home. Paid 500 for a pile of shit only I can't sleep on. The wife is able to get comfortable on that mattress. 2 years ago, I bought my trailer that the original owner put a full queen mattress in, and I find myself sometimes sleeping in the camper at our house and at the end of the season I bring it into the house. It is that comfortable. Problem is, I can't find it anywhere. The cover logo points me to a serta, the tag points me to Denver mattress. Oh well

  10. Are you trying to bring a new flame to the same spot you brought the old flame? That would be the only thing I'd fear. Otherwise, I've ran into folks from school and work once in a while camping. It happens. Unless your camping 5 hours from home or more, chances are, you'll see someone at some point

  11. not people i know, people in general. just trying to stay low.

  12. Ah. I see now. If I'm going that far back to be away from folks and folks come in, wave and carry on. Or, pack it up and see what's further up the road. I really don't think you'll be able to find a spot that no one will ever find you unless it is private land.

  13. Not a fan of this chick and man do a lot of folks here have a misguided view of the nazi party. They were socialists. Hell bent on having things their way and their way only. And if you weren't for that view, then you got canceled. Only in the 30s it was canceled by bullet. Doesn't very much sound like the party this chick belongs to. Sounds very much like that other party.

  14. Large segments of the Nazi Party, particularly among the members of the Sturmabteilung (SA), were committed to the party's official socialist, revolutionary and anti-capitalist positions and expected both a social and an economic revolution when the party gained power in 1933.

  15. You'll need to know the type of camera it is and probably hit Amazon and buy a monitor. Unless your back up camera was installed at your dealership per your instructions. Most cameras are optional features installed after the sale.

  16. Thanks. Ill try and figure out what kind of camera it is. Hopefully there is some sort of markings on it.

  17. Your unit manual should also say if it was pre-wired for a backup camera or not. If so, it usually says what brand of camera.

  18. Real world experiences versus woke activist professors teachings.

  19. And yet we kept electing them thinking it would be different. Every damn time

  20. Sure. We have a lot to offer here. Anything you want to do, it is within a 3 hour drive of Boise

  21. Just stay close enough that if you get in a pickle you can reach help easily enough. And make sure someone has the itinerary.

  22. Just stay close enough that if you get in a pickle you can reach help easily enough. And make sure someone has the itinerary.

  23. Can confirm the air out asap method. My middle daughter rolled her tent up wet on our last trip on the season one year. Asked her to check her tent out the next year before we leave for camp. She blew it off as typical teens do from time to time. She gets to camp and rust everywhere. Now she airs out religiously

  24. Never heard of them till I met my wife. It’s a local dish to where she grew up and

  25. Huh. After checking it out, we've made these quite a fee times. Never tried that marinade before, so I'm going to have to find it now. Thanks!

  26. I'm in a trailer so mine is going to be my generator. We crank it up around 930 or so after a few folks have theirs running and get a pot if coffee made, top off batteries, maybe charge some phones or battery packs. Then off after about an hour and on to our day. Then at dinner we fire it up again to make coffee for the thermos's so we ha e warm coffee when we wake up. We don't use the ac much, but can if we need it. The other item we recently picked up that is great is battery operated fans. Clip one on the shelf above the bed and take a nap with a cool breeze.

  27. Thought I could catch a good deal in the predator 3500 with a hundy off coupon and it was on sale. Needless to say, no one answered my calls as I was driving there, so I find out they were sold out the week prior. Bought a champion 4250 for hundreds less than the predator on sale. Less dB than the genmax, but, it is heavy at 90lbs. So I bought a wheel set for another 50 and all is good in the world. Even used it a couple times during power outages. Kept my freezers nice and cold

  28. If it is on the door of the rv or the tow truck, not much anyone can say. But.one of those fold up signs that the bars use at a camp site? Could be chatted at by the host. I used to have my company's sign on my truck door and took it camping all the time. Also seen other company trucks towing trailers.

  29. The only other way to enjoy a fire without the smell, propane fire pit

  30. bjbc says:

    Last year, Oregon stopped allowing camping on State Forest land because so much trash was getting left behind.

  31. Ah. Since I live in Idaho, maybe we got some of the riff raff.

  32. I've honestly been quite saddened by the type of campers I've been seeing lately. I've resorted to snapping pic of plates and any trash left behind a d reporting them to the sheriff. In your case, a video of how loud the music was at your site would have helped as well. In my state we've had some places closed for the rest of the season and in one case, multiple seasons. I'm of the opinion that those ruining camping for others should be punished, not the rest of us. A few folks have been fined using this method.

  33. You can if no one will be around it, but I wouldn't. As mentioned before, someone could accidentally turn it on. Plus, having triple digit heat, leaving those green bottles out in the sun isn't a good way to go.

  34. Thanks! Another question since you just responded, can I just throw the green bottle in regular trash when it’s empty?

  35. I used to, but I switched to the 5 gallon tank that I use on my bbq grill at home since a bottle barely lasts a meal. I have heard that those can be refilled, but I don't know enough about that process.

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