Stanford Scientists Warn That Civilization as We Know It Is Ending

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  1. Maybe I'm misunderstanding what he's saying but all history suffers from bias from the source as does a lot of the press, especially in the past. Not taking that into account is how you get tragedies like the Spanish-American war or the movie 300.

  2. This just means that he will be 37-1 after tomorrow…. But GO JAGS!!!!!

  3. But Biden’s policies are running up the national debt! /s

  4. I read this article as a self proclamation of being gullible.

  5. More and more, I start to think the Dems and Repubs are just playing Good cop, bad cop.

  6. Funny… I couldn’t help but think that myself as I watched them torch each other in interviews, then catch them laughing cordially during a congressional session.

  7. How many more levels of corruption are there before we bottom out and become Russia of the west? Feels like we are getting close.

  8. Ok? Make a claim. Then offer a specific example to back up said claim.

  9. Not the original responder, but the theory basically says that if the Congressman only has 2 terms, then they will just take more money to compensate for the shorter time. If they aren’t worried about going through another election, they can attempt to pass any bill without repercussion. TBH I’m on the fence on whether term limits will have any effect.

  10. These people idolize the dumbest people.

  11. Oh no he upset the Taliban how tragic. Speaking of which, why are terrorists even allowed on Twitter 🤣

  12. Because Twitter is protected by the constitution. /s

  13. It told me a lot about Pete’s character when he took paternity leave to be a Dad to a baby that he adopted. Also told me a lot about the sickos (Tucker) who made light of him.

  14. Lucas Kunce, the dude running against Hawley, has a campaign ad out. And its a beaut.

  15. This is awesome! It’s funny that the Republicans see them selfs as blue collar, hard working Americans. Yet, they feel like they have more in common with rich politicians than the ones that constantly fight against the wealthy.

  16. LOL. Try telling your boss that you only lost one day of production.

  17. That's an old saying in every state, much like claiming the worst drivers. I've heard it for Florida, Colorado, VA, wv and Md. My vote would go to Colorado springs.

  18. Colorado definitely has the craziest weather, and Upstate NY just has the worst.

  19. It amazes me that we know what will end us, yet nothing is really being done.

  20. I’ve had my car damaged on 2 occasions by runaway carts… Put your damn carts away!

  21. Dude some asshole just scratched my 6 month old car because the lazybones just pushed his cart into the back of my car…

  22. Infuriating! I find the Cart Narcs a little annoying, and childish, but support their efforts based on personal experience.

  23. The GOP themselves have no idea what they want or stand for they are truly nuts

  24. The GOP is really just a conglomeration of single issue voters. They seem nuts because they have to prioritize those specific issues to get votes.

  25. https://www.cnbc.com/amp/2017/05/05/stephen-hawking-human-extinction-colonize-planet.html

  26. Tf does that have to do with Billionaires leaving us Peasants behind in your fever dream scenario? Their ego boosts to "near" space are meaningless.

  27. It was hard to have a conversation when you reply with what you did. If you believe hawking, then 100 years is not very long. Who do you think will be the chosen ones to leave IF we can? There’s no way way that we can create a civilization on another planet for everyone. Personally, I see these commercialized space races as a distraction from the real problems here.

  28. Is this the Governor’s job? When did he take over for the local police?

  29. It's performative authoritarianism for his base, and it unfortunately works. He is showing them that he is willing to use/abuse the law to go after the right people. They're big fans of fascism.

  30. Agreed. I’m tired of the BS though. Fact is all these people that the Republicans want to throw in prison would already be there if they actually committed any type of crime.🙄

  31. He convinced me. I am getting a religion. Which one should I get as a new customer?

  32. Get one of the new releases. They seem to make things up as they go.

  33. Not enough space for all the Republican sugar daddy adverts.

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