Peace has failed. The time has come to protect our home and fight as one.

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  1. Ok first off, it, how is not good faith? In what way did I not compare anything fairly?

  2. I've had more close matches than ever, so IDK what you're on about

  3. I'm REALLY not trying to start a fight, though we wandered into space insect territory, started tearing up their resources to the point of exhaustion, stole their equipment, regularly flaunted the fact we were carrying gear created by their ancient nemesis, entered a several years back and forth war with them and attempted to commit genocide against them FOR A SECOND TIME before we finally made a SINGLE peace overture (which we left to a group of under-prepared, idealistic pod-casters) in front of their angry reinforcements.

  4. Did they ever ask us to stop?

  5. I'm fine with pretty much any older game getting a remake as long as it improves on the old game.

  6. Which feels more "destiny 2"

  7. Aztecross should embrace the meme at this point and just repost a "bungo is kil?!" or "Destiny is bussin!" video depending on the general vibe every 2 months or so. See how many people actually notice.

  8. Old forgotten dude chillin in an attic

  9. That is what I thought too, but people are posting that the end of event cutscene dropped today so I was just curious if it's still going or if that cutscene heralds the end of the event.

  10. Oh no, that's for the seasonal story not the community event

  11. Gotcha was mildly worried as I still got like 1k left to go for the ghost shell. Date with dares when I get back

  12. Running lost sectors in the EDZ is technically more profitable. Though you can cheese it a bit by generating map coordinates if they haven't patched it yet and don't care about exploits.

  13. I should really build a bot that just puts a clown emojii under every post complaing about identity

  14. They are not going away. Instead you won't be able to buy/collect them anymore. Whatever materials you have starting next season can be converted into Glimmer.

  15. I am trials prestige 2 rank 9 and I have not focused a triple tap/fourth times on the Aisha's Embrace yet. I'm about to just take the L and cope with the triple tap/vorpal I keep getting

  16. To keep you motivated, I have the triple + fttc, it’s fun to mess around with and have endless shots. Keep on the grind.

  17. Thanks man. 1 one more trials weekend left before they vault it.

  18. I still have no idea how to get it working optimally

  19. "I'm neither right wing nor left wing, I'm a third thing (right wing)."

  20. Any headline that ends in a question mark can be answered by the word no." 

  21. Tribute hall. But like....quality of life for the smollen

  22. Take your time. The toughest part to flawless is the chamber of suffering. If you do that, there is no reason for you to die anywhere else if you go slow

  23. I'm pretty sure you can't grind out season passes of expired content, no? So at most you could just do the content for the loot without getting any of the SP bonus rewards.

  24. Risen's armor focusing is way better than Haunted or plunder, it's worth it for that alone tbh

  25. What's that? You want more hand cannons?

  26. You don't have to do the weekly bounties, but you do have to do the storyline and missions to unlock it.

  27. Only turn in bounties when in a fireteam.

  28. This is EVERY platform combined. Xbox, playstation, pc, stadia, literally everything. Lost Arc, another mmo, is currently has 1.59mil. That’s ONLY on pc.

  29. The seasonal content ran out weeks ago. The seasonal model isn’t a flat circle. It’s a downward spiral. With every cycle the game dries out faster and more people leave.

  30. And they return at the start of the next.

  31. In 2 weeks bungie is going plonk down a new season and this subreddit is going to say "oooo shiny" and be busy for the next 90 days

  32. Rocking that grenade launcher and sidearm. I don’t feel bad tbh 😂

  33. There is no honor is trials. It's a pvp meta sweatfest

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