1. Thank you! That's the cover. Didn't remember it until now. Gosh, the memories. Solved!

  2. Agreed!! I just really hope it doesn’t pass. It’s literally enforcing stupid gender norms and dictating who can weee certain clothes and makeup. Men - wear dresses and rock some makeup if you want!! Dresses are comfy af (once you learn how to deal with the chub rub) and makeup makes you feel gorgeous

  3. Are you opposed to the antichrist or are you a cheerleader?

  4. This subreddit is Christian, so we're by definition opposed to him.

  5. Honestly, I was thinking a “vague, generic breakdown of society”-style disaster, as I’m not creative enough to come up with anything more unique and I’m more interested in the aftermath than the event itself. I think the most important thing is that it isn’t a zombie apocalypse, pandemic, nuclear disaster, etc. My survivors aren’t dealing with spores or radiation or an ice age or evil three-headed monsters or whatever, they just lost the infrastructure they used to rely on.

  6. I had no idea that this thing had found its way onto youtube, that must be why my post suddenly blew up again.

  7. I sometimes hink about the woman who thought her husband was watching her. She never updated & the post was deleted. here's the OP:

  8. Just listened to this case again in a Lazy Masquerade video. Between now and then within the past 5-6 years, has any progress been made about this case?

  9. Did you read the vision's interpretation, as given by Gabriel in Daniel 8:15-27? According to him, the ram is the Medo-Persian Empire. The goat is Greece, and its notable horn is its first king(Alexander The Great), who overthrew the Persian Achaemenids in 334 BC. The four horns are four weaker kingdoms that sprung up after his death in 323. These are known to history as the Diadochi.

  10. I did and it's why I think it's possible that this interpretation could be repeating itself since it hasn't been fulfilled like you say it has.

  11. It's possible that God could be causing these events to repeat themselves in anticipation of the rise of a second "Antiochus Epiphanes." Let me ask a question:

  12. With an ego like Trump's, why wouldn't he return to Twitter? Twitter had a larger audience:

  13. I legitimately wondered if he would, given his statements reaffirming loyalty to TruthSocial. Now that I know that there's a contract, I can see what the holdup probably is.

  14. I'm thinking that kingdom could be a federated world government formed in the aftermath of WW3.

  15. The fourth beast(that kingdom) is usually held to've either been the Roman Empire or the Seleucid Empire.

  16. Just a thought at this moment. I haven’t been able to flesh it out just yet, but I think I may be able to reconcile our problem. In Nebuchadnezzar’s dream, the “feet mixed with iron and clay” with 10 toes (10 kings) seems to me to be a 3rd version of the 4th beast with the first version being ancient Rome, second version being the U.S. (modern day Rome), and the third version being some sort of temporary alliance with the U.S. and other countries. If the little horn appears in the 3rd version (when the 10 horns are present), then it wouldn’t necessarily be contradictory that we know he’s the AC right now at this point in time because his identity hasn’t been revealed to the world yet. Most people if I tell them Trump is the AC think I’m crazy, got TDS, or they’ll argue with me and say it’s Obama, Bill Gates, Jared Kushner, Fauci, Klaus Schwab, George Soros, Mark Zuckerberg, etc. Evangelicals certainly don’t seem to know. In the Bible, it says there will come a point in time when the identity of AC will be revealed in 2 Th 2:3. This is the point I think will be when the horn "arises". If that’s the case, then that could just mean his identity is hidden from the rest of the world at this point in time, but will later be revealed to the world or “arise" after the 10 horns surface on the world stage in the near future.

  17. I'd love to know what you come up with as you flesh this out. I believe that this is similar to the predominant Christian theory minus, of course, the inclusion of the US: the legs of Iron is the Roman Empire. The clay+iron feet represent divided Europe and the ten toes represent that hour-long onfederacy.

  18. I got that, but now I get that's it's about bringing a date home and embellishing their job title to family.

  19. I'd probably call 911. I don't think that I'd be able to lift him.

  20. Perhaps I can provide some information I gained from my studies that can help you in your studies.

  21. It is quite likely that the sea beast is a mish-mash of Daniel's four, and I've considered the possibility that the seven heads are equivalent. Revelation 17 is an issue for this possibility. According to that chapter, John was living in the days of the 6th King. No common interpretation places the rise of the fourth beast(7th head?) so late.

  22. Why do you think that the universe was created 14 B years ago but mankind created recently?

  23. In answer to your 1st question: because physics and astronomy indicate that the "big bang" happened 14 B years ago and I see that fitting into the 1st 2 verses of Genesis. In answer to your 2nd question: the Bible's chronology clearly points to the 7 years of the 2nd stage of creation beginning almost 6,000 years ago now.

  24. I agree with you that Genesis 1:1 allows for creation in an indefinite past but isn't there an issue here: you agree with the 14 B years because science shows it apparently true. But doesn't science also have good evidence for a 200K years old humanity?

  25. I'm digging through the comment section to check wether anybody figured out the irl dictator OP took direct inspiration from. Got disappointed.

  26. He stepped down and coincidentally his son happened to win the "election" in 2022

  27. I really didn't. Like I said there have been other incidents like this one only I was looking at the clock when it jumped. And it wasn't during any scheduled time change such as daylight savings etc. But those instances were only a few minutes. I saw the digits in the minutes run upwards about 4 times and stop during those times. Yeah I know it sounds like bullshit but it is what it is.

  28. When things like that happen, check the time in multiple sources to ensure that your clock's not broken.

  29. If he recognizes its sin and is working against it. Then sin is sin. Sometimes people may struggle more than others. Sometimes even with deep perverted demons.

  30. Yes. It is something that I am sure will continue to be a problem with me for a very long time.

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