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  1. When are we gonna get a thermogenic series. Like mirror force from yugioh.

  2. There's already an antonym for accelerate OP. but all in all good card. Also Immobile vex?

  3. Please correct me if I am wrong, or may updated na memorandum pero according to:

  4. Thank you so much for taking the time to reply po! Yes-yes, inaaral ko na rin po yung CHED Memo surrounding po jan, and I think ginamit ng school ko yung provision under Sec. 15, particularly 15.1-c to get around the qualifications as I think considered na adjunct faculty itong instructor po namin as nakalagay po sa schedule of subjects namin na yung former prof po namin holding all of the credentials ang registered pa rin po run

  5. also pacheck mo lang OP baka may bagong memorandum. Before kasi ako grumaduate, nag si doctoral yung mga profs namin di ko alam bakit.

  6. Lmao, the sheer anger just makes you want to come back to this node with Rhaast, turn on his soundtrack and kill them one by one

  7. OP no lawyer worth their salt would make their client communicate with you. Fuck this guy.


  9. Sometimes it isn't even the big bad the universe just says fuck the mc and now the event happens sooner

  10. it would be funny if, because of what the MC did. the parents of a future enemy thats going to be born the next year, got together this year and it's the same baby., and now the baby was born sooner.

  11. Nung bumisita ako sa makati, nakita ko itong ganito sa underpasses nila. And I never saw anything like it before pero nagets ko naman agad. Jesus christ, congrats po if kaya nyong magbisekleta ng ganyan ka steep na incline kung ipapawiden man pero at that point, di mo na kailangan ng ramp po. deretsuhin mo na yung hagdanan.

  12. Ibang klase yung lakas ng legs nila para dun haha. Best case scenario, pilay lang sila. Worst case scenario, gulay na lang sila.

  13. feeling nila sila si Lance Armstrong while roided up pag mag bike.

  14. I don't prefer pickup trucks, but it's probably because America is BEEG. and you'd usually see this in countrysides where the costco is 4 hours away, and you'd want to get as much as possible in one trip. I get the idea.

  15. i only know this term because osmosis but people are doing

  16. I don't like dream, but he shouldn't have revealed his face since his fans are gonna do creepy shit. I feel bad for him now

  17. didn't he cause people to doxx someone who hated him. look's on the other end of the stick now.

  18. This should be burst and draw 3. It might be ok in deep.

  19. most of a jellyfish' mass is water. but it is not water. it is jellyfish

  20. i dont really need galeforce with jinx, usually i go lidens payload and the plunder cannon. that usually either finishes it or the next turn

  21. I was always a Marvel fan growing up, but the graphic novel that got me into DC was Kingdom Come at the age of 12. After that I went on a DC binge that hasn’t slowed down and I’m 30 now.

  22. tbf the question was which comics not which dc comics so thats ok.

  23. league player casually introducing online crack to community via cute art

  24. Maybe Diana got a lot of practice from being the bottom?

  25. she was very dense when leona asked her out for a date so yeah Diana is def bottoming.

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