1. I’ve bought the oz once and the half 3 times. I’m a veteran so it’s always been WELL worth it. Christmas is as one after another that’s for sure!!!

  2. Every trip I take to my dispo is over a hour

  3. I found 2 garlic cookies, I got 4 lost river seeds, and a avanti seed.

  4. Avanti smells like grandpas old breath but gets the job done. Lost river was really good too but also just had that old hot breath smell. Now wild cat, that’s a good one. Unique taste and really a good daytime and nighttime flower honestly. At almost 29% for sativa it knocks on your door!!!

  5. I bought a oz of lime sherbet it was $135 before my 25% discount and got a half of lemon dos I dos and half of garlic breath. The lemon dos I dos was $105 for the half and $115 for the garlic breath 2.0 which was all flower. I had to buy all of it because I got all of it for almost less than 200 bucks. Also got a 5.66 of strawberry cheesecake Willy reserve that was $50 bucks before my discount. I am stocked for Christmas, and new years!!!

  6. Yea, I know it's on the label and everything.. I just thought maybe someone knew of a way to see actual harvests or something.. He said he had both harvests of this, implying there have only been 2 of them so I was just wondering how he knew that.. I thought there had been at least a few harvests of it so I thought maybe he had some kind of inside knowledge .

  7. No new knowledge. I just ask budtenders and word of mouth. The strain has only been out a little over a month and I have bought this strain everytime I’ve seen it. Because I get veteran discount and I’ve gotten 5.66s for less than 40 each time

  8. I had both harvest of this. The first one was better imo. But, it is good!!!

  9. Whoever told you bout this did you dirty. If you are trying galenas for the first time and want their best, try EPBC (electric peanut butter cookies)

  10. I literally got the same exact cart 2 weeks ago. I had same exact issues with it. But, I can say one of the best tasting carts I’ve had hands down!!!

  11. Just had the live resin of this strain. Probably one of the best tasting carts I’ve ever gotten. How does the flower taste?

  12. Like that blueberry compote they put on top of the IHOP pancakes.

  13. I grabbed one in Newark sunny side last Friday. The taste was just ok for me personally (I’m more limonene). But, everything else checked out great. It was my first time trying ancient roots and will again!!!

  14. I just had a whip it live resin that the terpinolool was 100.10!!!!

  15. Lost river smells like absolute booty hole but gets the job done 💪🏼

  16. I just picked up Techron this morning. Update in one hour!!!

  17. Techron was good. It wasn’t like the best ever, but it was good to go!!!

  18. Where did the flower come from? I’m from licking county!!!

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