1. Your so sexy especially in these Hanes nothing more sexy then a woman in full back cotton panties 😜

  2. Here's an idea stop being an attention whore and enjoy the museum no one cares about you there they came for the art and exhibits not your stupid peroxide blonde shitty hairdryer ass in a slutty dress

  3. Her ass would have bin left there and what ever happened to her after that is on her

  4. And more stupid pointless shit inconvenience people for rhe sake of views

  5. So apparently influencer means attention seeking moron stuck Ina self entitled victim mentality. I'm fucking ashamed of the human race we went from philosophers and humanitarians built city's and communities now we all seem to be uneducated sheep waiting to be herded to slaughter

  6. Face fuck you till your make up runs then bend you over and pound your asshole till you can't walk

  7. Like it's begging to have those pulled to the side

  8. Like they need to be pulled to the side and you need to be filled

  9. Fuckingbthe shit out of the minuet that I find a quiet spot with no one to see

  10. Depending on what you have on for panties a whole lot 😉

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