As a high income earner, it just dawned on me how brainwashed we are in the U.S.

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  1. Dopesick - This is the true story of the VA DA taking on big pharma in the fight against the opioid crisis. Through a multi stream narrative, they do a great job presenting the issue and outlying the difficulties in making the case. Michael Keaton’s performance as county doctor turned opioid addict is amazing and his story hits like a punch to the gut.

  2. I came because a few scenes were filmed in front of my house, I stayed because it was a good ass show

  3. I interviewed with a series E startup 2 months ago that sent out one of these. Company seemed like kind of a shit show, during my interview with the CTO I asked about WLB and he point blank told me, "If you let us, we will destroy you." In fact I kinda disliked the process so much I'm down to name and shame. The company is called Rokt and I wouldn't really recommend interviewing with them.

  4. Imo from REDACTED servers, it's even faster than the math would suggest. Since you don't ever really run out of quests and don't have to hop between zones as much the xp buff also greatly reduces overall travel time, which makes things a lot faster beyond just the flat xp buff.

  5. There are an awful lot of roles that pay well and require no LC cramming for the interview. I'm not sure I'd want to work for a team that prioritizes memorizing a set of specific LC problems over actually meaningful CS knowledge

  6. Just to give my 2c, I just did a 2 month long job hunt and interviewed with something like 35 companies, got to the tech screening with all of them and only like 3 companies didn't give me a leetcode problem. Those companies also had the lowest salaries generally. So yeah imo you can definitely get by without leetcode but you're really limiting your options.

  7. I just did a two week job hunt, interviewed with 4 companies. None of them asked any leetcode problems at all, but all of them were 4+ rounds of interviews. I got 2 very competitive offers and one mediocre offer. Maybe it depends on experience? I have 7 years.

  8. Worth mentioning that I mostly interviewed with large tech companies. Almost all the FAANGs and lots of tier 2 companies, few unicorn startups.

  9. Maybe I'm missing something but wouldn't a 50% XP boost basically cut the time in half? Why only a 25% improvement?

  10. Travel and downtime is more of the leveling experience than actually killing things and questing

  11. It doesn't only happen to women though. It's marginally more common for women at 63% but that's not a huge difference, really.

  12. 63% is almost twice as many women so pretty significant I'd say

  13. Failed my phone screen a few weeks ago. Interviewer was good, just didn't get the optimal solution in time. He started by asking me to talk about a technical challenge, answered in STAR format. Question was a modified binary search, I would say medium+ difficulty. I would focus on getting to the point where you can solve most mediums in 20m in practice setting since the interview setting is more nerve wracking.

  14. Reach out directly to people that work for the companies you are working for and try to get a referral. Self taught and my first job was through talking to people, if you don't talk to someone real you won't have a shot at an interview without a degree.

  15. I say this without knowing literally anything about this dude

  16. Damn this seems super early. Anyone know how long beta is normally up for before launch?

  17. This is correct. 2012 had the AD 2000 yard season and blair walsh 50+ yard field goals leading them to the playoffs... only to get Joe Webbed in the first round

  18. Tbh that Joe webb game might have been my favorite game of all time

  19. Yeah I rerolled on grobb and I'm glad I did. Probably the last bastion of a semi normal pvp server. Everything else is 90+% one way or the other.

  20. Been on grobb since day 1 and it's been great consistently. P2 TBC things got a little out of hand with alliance transfers but horde came through in the end and we are back to being great.

  21. I'm surprised it's coming out so soon. Feels like they're trying to speed run classic. Once we finish wrath... what else is there? Cata classic? Are people actually excited for that? lol

  22. Cata PvP was pretty balanced so I'd be interested in trying it out to see if it hooks me on that front, but couldn't care less if they actually release it or not

  23. Yep thats kind of how i feel. Definitely conflicted!

  24. Imo playing the game won't ruin your memories, been playing TBCC a lot and while the experience is very different I still hold the memories from original TBC pretty dearly

  25. I miss Bam Bam more than any other LoB member. It’s a shame to football fans everywhere that his career was cut short.

  26. He grew up near where I grew up so got to meet him a few times! Super chill, more than happy to take a minute and talk to a fan. Miss Bam for sure.

  27. Fuck it we the new Steelers let's go Watson

  28. Boutta get a classic NFC west game here buckle up for a boring 3 quarters folks

  29. I don't exactly dislike the chiefs...just bored of them winning and the Bengals are so much cooler

  30. I got that much, but they went overboard with having, like, two rational characters while literally no one else gave a crap. I don’t think that applies to real life, if this entire thread is any indication.

  31. The movie was spot on with how we are actually responding to climate change though? I don't see how you can't think this is enormously accurate when this is playing out in front of our eyes.

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