Cop caught planting evidence red handed

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  1. Don't feel bad. Sometimes they don't fit into the family. I'm sorry this has happened to you! Please don't feel bad, the right thing to do is pass him/her off to a single person.

  2. I think it's a requirement for every degree. I took 3 speech classes for my software engineering degree. Also other classes are supposed to make you give 1-2 speech's to help you.

  3. I would use the insulin in the next cartridge instead of possibly contaminating the whole vial

  4. Hmm, this is retarded. Let them pay for the education. The world is hard enough. Besides what college they go to really doesn't matter if they are STEM. If people want to goto college they'll figure out how to pay for it. Parents should stop worrying about it.

  5. The suspect admitted that it was his. It seems the police officer was just being stupid but wasn’t planting evidence.

  6. That's how plea deals work. Either you get the lighter sentence for pleading guilty or you risk worse punishment. So who knows if he planted it or not, he likely doesn't have the money to fight it.

  7. Before changing anything first check for a bluetooth signal from your existing Dexcom transmitter. Verify by the transmitter ID. Check with another cell phone to see if it will indicate the suspect Dexcom transmitter. I have had two transmitters fail caused by a depleted battery. Three failed sensors would surely raise a suspicion of the transmitter.

  8. I have no idea what was wrong with it. My suspicion is that when moving the contacts lifted briefly between the transmitter and sensor. I reset it using the test strip method and the sensor lasted the full length.

  9. I've made the mistake of not detecting narcism in the interview. It's best to run away.

  10. I'd just leave... If it takes finding another job to increase your pay... You don't want to work for them. Plus they're jerking your chain. I'm sure they don't intend to give you that raise, other they'd do it without making it contingent on learning xyz..

  11. The real problem is who defines hate speech. Is hate speech anything that offends me?... That's really the problem.

  12. I think the last thing you need to worry about is getting caught. If you get caught likely they'll get in trouble for the poor condition it's in. Take it home, get it done antibiotics and give it love. You'll have a cat that acts like a dog and is super loyal. These are my favorite cats because they really are extremely loyal after you help them.

  13. Eh pretty common... The Bible says that a husband and wife are one and that they leave and start their own family. At that point things change.

  14. i crashed earlier this year, ended up starting my own business in that time and have been much happier ever since

  15. Same happened to me. My biz is not doing as well though... :(

  16. I jumped ship to comp-sci because I wasn’t learning anything I didn’t already know. I started with an associates in computer programming so it was basically a repeat of what I already took and CompTia A+ certifications…which I vehemently disagree that software developers should be made to do. It’s a worthless certification for anyone who wants to do software development work.

  17. Hmm... I have an SE. I took architecture, algos, data structures, grammars, compilers, integral calc, differential calc, vector calc, linear algebra, stats with calc, and Bolean algebra. My SE program had more 3-4x math than the competing state CS program.

  18. I’m not understanding your point, we’re talking about WGU programs here. That’d be good to consider if OP wanted to change schools, but that doesn’t sound like the case.

  19. Ah, you're right. I thought the Convo was school agnostic.

  20. I really enjoyed heat. Can't wait for unbound.

  21. Been there doing that. I'm a lot older than you. Trust me you've got plenty of time to build back. I've bounced around and failed over and over again with some successes and losses.

  22. I'd continue using the old pump until the battery degrades. The problem with non replaceable batteries is that once they're toast it's is the whole device that's toast.

  23. I knew guys who ran their own IVs to rehydrate after a night of drinking but they were trained EMTs and/or combat vets with some experience doing such things under real pressure. It's conceivable you could get the gear and learn but I wouldn't do it.

  24. Yep when I was in army we'd do it all the time while drinking for fun. I jm don't know how you'd get the saline solution though without being in service or some sort of medical. I still have some of my old kit but it's all expired now, I wouldn't use it.

  25. You have to get them as a kitten and move them often. My cat does fine when we go camping every weekend. He knows the van is home while out there but we started when he was kitten.

  26. The wobble happens because a thin sheet of air develops under the tire at speed. To correct this problem engineers created shocks(forks on a bike) that force the wheel down to the pavement. Adjust the shocks so they are more firm fixes the problem.

  27. What am missing? I've never used my protein value to decide anything...?

  28. Just had it happen yesterday. Very strange.

  29. Just fyi there are epoxies that they can put in your teeth to prevent cavities. Before I deployed to middle east the dentist did it to my teeth. Ever since then i never have cavities. Dentist told us if he could choose only one he'd choose flossing every day...

  30. I used to work in k12. I know it's discrimination but listen these nurses have no clue what diabetes is. They think like regular people you did something to get it. My schools were instructed to give crackers and water for a high ☹️☹️☹️☹️☹️☹️. Better to manage it yourself.

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