1. although i understand the logic behind this idea. Less people would be a better situation for the people left. I doubt this would lead to much of an impact. Unless a huge portion (10-30%) of the people in the world decided to not have kids. We’ve always found ways to live in a changing world before. I wouldn’t count us out just yet. There’s plenty of space in the world for the people we have. That’s not a sacrifice most people legitimately are willing to do.

  2. nobody fires creed bratton and gets away with it. the last person to fire creed bratton? creed bratton

  3. These Jim and Pam haters aren’t the most rational of people. They will cherry pick anything remotely bad that they do while completely overlooking everything Michael and Dwight do. Let’s not forget Michael was knowingly sleeping with a married woman 😂

  4. and a subordinate’s mother while also wanting nothing to do with the reality of dating an older person

  5. are you ready to fire sale your house for 30% off??? then boy do I have a deal for YOU!!!!

  6. I honestly just wanna see Goff get up in front of the team and give an astronomy lecture.

  7. as long as he doesn’t down shrooms and date a witch he’s cool with me

  8. expect to pay 40-65 or more depending on what you are planning to serve. then you have to buy a truck too. Although if it will stay in one place permanently you could rent a truck from lowe’s or uhaul to pull it on occasion

  9. could you imagine the clusterfuck fest that would have been if matt patricia got a hard knocks feature

  10. marlin xt, very accurate. It’s my best shooting 22. (i only buy cheap or old 22’s)

  11. Pros: can hunt day in and day out without wearing yourself out Can cover a pile of ground quickly Can see much better than on foot

  12. as a southern pennsylvania hunter, id never get any good use out of a horse, we have nice gamelands, but you definitely drive to multiple places and walk a mile at each place, maybe 2 tops

  13. For parking in a spot in a city, go to the city hall and ask where to go, they may send you to a variety of departments depending on the state and city.

  14. there’s a successful potato themed truck in my area, they put pulled pork and other things on top

  15. going in to debt to buy a bunch of equipment you may end up liquidating is a terrible idea. The restaurant next to us saw my 4 trucks and borrowed $120k on a truck and trailer that they hardly use (4-7) events per month. My trucks have cost 40-65 thousand each fully equipped. The first has 205k miles on it and is constantly being watched and fixed, but the rest are 20-40k miles and in great condition, paid for, money printing machines

  16. What if the porch was to function like a bar? Like had an ice well, sink, bar top. No sitting area at this point. I am in Washington and you can sell liquor out of a food truck with a catering license.

  17. probably best to ask the local government (township/city) that you’re in, it sounds like it might change some rules on you from being a food truck to a permanent venue so idk if the liquor laws would end up in your favor without something with wheels on it, maybe an open top trailer could be converted to a bar to match the regulations

  18. nope the painter my dad recommended is holding it hostage by having too much work and can’t finish it, even though he didn’t have any work to do and could finally take it back to be finished off 🙄

  19. what’s your reason for visiting the hospital?

  20. best of the 6 or 7 i’ve played for a few months at a time, i always come back to it


  22. i guess that’s true, just not something you usually associate them with

  23. kathy moves to philly, stalks jim and roofies him

  24. saw a mouse at the walmart in galloway or grove city area

  25. I’m immunized in a different way. Needing a vaccine isn’t a requirement to be a driver or a passenger, so why should it be a concern to me

  26. undercover aaron rodgers over here, take some shrooms and you’ll mesh your mind with the haters

  27. So, what was the point of you even posting this if you're going to dismiss everyone who answers the question you asked? You asked if you were the asshole. Yes, you are being an asshole. I'm a single parent and don't have a car. I paid in advance for a monthly pass to ensure I can get where I need to be when I need to be there. There isn't a requirement for masks anymore. Right or wrong, agree or disagree...doesn't matter. Fact is, it is your job to make those stops and pick up those passengers. It's not your company, you don't make the rules and in the end...you're fucking people who depend on that bussing service. If you don't like the job, feel they're not handling the requirements properly.... fucking quit. Go find yourself a work from home job because any job in the market dealing with people, you're not going to feel safe or be able to do your job apparently. So, do yourself and us riders a favor and just quit. Hopefully those riders who you left and didn't stop for called in and complained. That shit is ridiculous. You suck.

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