Data from 35 million traffic stops show that the probability that a stopped driver is Black increases by 5.74% after Trump 2016 campaign rallies. "The effect is immediate, specific to Black drivers, lasts for up to 60 days after the rally, and is not justified by changes in driver behavior."

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  1. I feel like I’ve seen a lot of reports seeming to pity Tom and say that Giselle is the bad guy trying to force him to retire.

  2. KKKandace? Isn’t she black? So because she pushes a different political narrative than you she is a racist

  3. What is the parameter for a firearm mortality? (Like does it include gang violence for example)

  4. Whats the big deal about Credit Suisse

  5. How do people support this administration 😂

  6. The Dolphins staff are 100% at fault for starting him, let alone let him play again in the previous game. It was a short week for him to recover and the injury he sustained last night is a direct result of the lack of accountability in the Dolphins management. Im sure Tua wanted to play but it’s the job of the coaches to override that for his safety and now who knows the damage he has.

  7. No but it’s on the topic of his injury so pick one and suck on it

  8. What else was in the bill? This happens every time. One side proposes a bill with a nice name but throw a bunch of fluff funds to BS causes that help their donors and lobbyists and then when the other side votes against they use it to attack them based on the name of the bill.

  9. So many butt hurt people about the guy carrying a gun. Why do you give a fuck

  10. Because it has some nasty implications. First of all in most of the world this is straight up illegal, if anyone tried this where I live they would be looking at a prison sentence that has a maximum of 4 years and a 45.000 euro fine. Second the man is making the implication that he will shoot and possibly murder anyone objecting to the marriage and third is that it also begs the question if the bride is there at gunpoint. I know it's meant as a joke, that the people there probably found it funny but that's kind of the problem too, these people are apparently so normalized to deadly weapons that they wouldn't even think about the looks of what happened. Guns (weapons in general really) are really fucking dangerous and it's making a lot of people on this thread either mad, uncomfortable or both that it can be played off as a joke. On a side final note if the man were holding a NERF gun or water pistol this would be so much less of a problem.

  11. Sure, but that is ridiculous. The bride is there by gunpoint?? Lol. “The joke would be the same if it was a water gun.” Lol. You people just want to live in a perfect world where nobody does anything bad or have deadly weapons. Deadly weapons have existed from the dawn of time and only progress linearly with technology. So the problem is people refusing to live in reality.

  12. If only liberals from America saw this video

  13. I’ll say this in the least demeaning way I can. Put them out of their misery.

  14. She is just explaining natural mammalian mating that has gone on since neanderthals. Its been biologically proven for centuries that males chase and fight for females.

  15. This is just a System of a Down music video 😤

  16. We have all the frames, but no video

  17. Everyone is talking about right wing cope but never discuss the left wing bias. And no, the sub being called

  18. Daniel Tosh. I don't know that he qualifies as "super famous" but he's not funny.

  19. His “People Pleaser” special is amazing. Tosh.O sucked

  20. You really put Dave Chapelle and Trevor Noah on the same list 💀

  21. Homie lost 4 digits and is suicidal

  22. Well its a dude and he probably isn’t gay

  23. Based on the last administration, taking action on foreign nations like China and Mexico is considered racist so idk how far they will get

  24. Man you are commenting this under every response trying to cope with this horrid administration.

  25. But calling it “Women King” insinuates that women couldn’t be kings and that they are breaking a new patriarchal barrier. Just call it “King” with a women played as the king.

  26. Boy I’d feel horrible if let’s just say my mom died on one of the planes, and some shmuck with a cancerous Reddit account decided to imply “your mom didn’t die”

  27. Never denied people were killed. Never denied planes hitting buildings. I’m just saying why can’t they show us the evidence?

  28. You implicitly denied it though. If the planes never hit, many families wouldn’t have lost their loved ones. You’re essentially spitting on their graves every time you say the planes didn’t crash. You should really think about how your words can affect others before posting your opinions.

  29. The planes could have been hijacked and landed elsewhere. How else did so many people place cell phone calls to their loved ones 30,000 ft in the air for minutes on end in 2001? You can’t get any service above 10,000 and yeah airplanes had their own phones but have you ever tried to use a bathroom on the airplane? That is a nightmare let alone a hijacked plane and people trying to use 1 of 2 airplane phones?? Yeah right. We just don’t know the full story

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