1. Happening is when you sell after phone numbers, then don’t sell the rest. Everything till then is a discount. But the fuse is shorter than ever.

  2. Ughhhh. Lucky. She’s on my top 3 wishlist. Pair with a taunt hero and you will get so far. Congratulations

  3. Very good HOTM. Best one all year! And probably last year too. Congrats

  4. They discuss diverging views on the evolution of the market economy in the southern colonies

  5. My contention is that prior to the Revolutionary War, the economic modalities, especially in the southern colonies, could be most aptly described as agrarian pre-capitalist

  6. Probably best path is to give him to me. I used all my pills on that guy and failed to get him.

  7. R&N is the best HOTM this year by far. And is probably the best against minions (except these 2 challenge event heroes that just dropped with a huge passive.) still , minions are more geared towards meat shield and not damage most of the time. So, if you hate and have a problem with minions then R&N is your answer. If not, Ruby is top tier Red and would be my pick. A great problem to have. Congrats

  8. Almost as good as that Faiez you pulled.

  9. Anastasia is an exceptional 4* yellow. Recommend maxing and lb her

  10. I’d say that stupid warpig/ cWilbur / Kalo / Anna belle / junaid

  11. I like the blueberry colored hue that came with it.

  12. The correct answer is Chess. And I love chess. But it’s boring AF to watch. The commentary is the only redeeming thing.

  13. Tarlak if all you need is a titan hitter. No question

  14. Have you tried the audiobook? Question?

  15. Not that good. You should give her to me instead. Lol. Gratz. Saved for 2 10 pulls and all my EHTs for her or Pengi. No luck. Got a Tinsel though, so not all bad.

  16. Skadi or C.Marjana 1st I think, depending your needs. Then Raf or Kara depending on your needs. I also think Morax is a sleeper and pretty undervalued. If you got no purp 5*s I say go for it

  17. Highlander II completely reworked the lore of the first movie and then Highlander III did it again.

  18. Luckily for Highlander, there can only be one. And we all know which 1 it is

  19. My thoughts are: wish I would have pulled those costumes. KHAGAN was my first 5* so he has a special place in my heart as mediocre as he is sitting at 3/70. Costumes make him relevant and usable. Be happy and use the stat boosts

  20. Shawshank Redemption. Andy Dufresne. And bonus side protagonist for Red and his arc also.

  21. 2 defense teams. If your 1st o e is wiped your 2nd one goes in. Timer is same. Points for 2nd team are 75% of 1st team.

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