1. I have had an issue. But, the x-transformer thing fixed the issue and made my images look wonderful. At this point, if I am able to differentiate between C1 images and my x-transformer+LR workflow, I would be an android. Which is a whole other problem.

  2. In a similar boat. Looking at Nomos as a GADA piece. But, my budget can stretch some, so looking at Dornbluth.

  3. I’d get the Longines Legend Diver over either of these two.

  4. Grain, but don’t do fujifilm’s. Use the field-blur filter, then do blend-if for darker areas. Then blend it out. Looks much more natural.

  5. Santos, Longines Legend Diver (just gorgeous imo), speedy, Zenith El primero (grey market), and a Dornblueth.

  6. Dornbluth. Definitely on my short list for my next watch. Those engraved dials. Next level. Don’t know whether i will come in below 7k though :-)

  7. Thank you for saying what most of us have been wanting to say for a while.

  8. Advice: keep shooting and have fun! Let your own taste and like/dislike guide your photography, not us randos on the internet! You decide what you find appealing. And, what you find appealing will evolve over time. The key is to let yourself be free to that change.

  9. Don’t use high ISO to emulate film grain. ISO noise is nothing like grain and will make your images look awful. If you really want a bit of grain, add it in post. And you definitely should learn to edit RAW. I know Fuji‘s film simulations get a lot of praise, but they’re ultimately just as lossy as any other JPEG. Best advice I can give you is to expose in a way that retains highlight detail. It’ll probably be underexposed, but that’s fine. You have quite a bit of latitude with the shadows. Plus you can apply the film simulations in post as well.

  10. No sprockets. What they add is somewhat irrelevant to whether or not it is a good or meaningful photo.

  11. As others have said, a Chrono. Pending on budget, get a Zenith El Primero

  12. Two questions: are there any smaller watchmaking companies/micro brands that make a water resistant (nearly dive like) watch for around $2k-$6k? I love the Dornblueth watches and the company, but are they water proof or have any water resistance?

  13. Thanks! I had no idea they had 30m of resistance which would be wonderful for anything outside of swimming!

  14. I would say it isn’t underexposed really as much as the lighting wasn’t exactly falling on the folks in the foreground.

  15. As someone on the fence looking closely at the Explorer, I say Explorer. Years from now, it will still be a piece loved and coveted by others as well as, hopefully, yourself.

  16. I’m cross shopping the medium steel version with an Omega Seamaster Heritage 300 (which may seem odd) as my first luxury watch (special gift from the wife). Want a durable, timeless, robust watch for anything from days at the beach to work and parties. Thoughts?

  17. Santos de Cartier is rated at 100m WR, plenty for swimming. Some people say even 50m is enough for swimming.

  18. Gotcha. No diver, just a snorkeling and swimming enthusiast when the time calls. Just didn’t know how effective the Santos was in water. Or how robust it is compared to the Omega.

  19. Yeah the Santos isn’t really made as a water friendly watch even with its 100m WR. If swimming is import to you then I’d go diver with a screw down crown. Omega 300 Heritage sounds like a winner!

  20. 2. Tells us more about where you are and what’s going on.

  21. That's exactly what it looks like, that's not a bad thing, the haze and grain definitely give it a very nostalgic feel, some people may not find excessive grain and hazing "attractive" but do not let that discourage you from shooting! The picture of the dog especially shows a good handle of exposure and knowing light conditions! So kudos!!

  22. This is completely beside the point and will probably make everyone on here angry but whatever.

  23. Point taken! I just borrowed this roll from someone who gave up over a decade ago. Since, I have purchased three more packs!

  24. Bro I wouldn't know what's cool without YouTubers and lofi beats.

  25. No matter how prepared you may think you are, you will never have enough rolls to truly capture the full depth of tones and colors of the turds you will make.

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