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  1. As long as we get it back at some point ...! We have an excess of about 180 pounds I think but I'm worried the kidney test will be a separate incident as it'll be at our regular vet rather than the emergency vet so we'll have to pay excess twice!

  2. When Bill broke his leg we only had one excess to pay after emergency vets and 2 months of weekly vet trips. It all counts as one injury/illness so should all be covered, even later check ups.

  3. Omg that's so reassuring! We pay for very comprehensive cover because the dog is always getting into mischief and we figured it'll be worth it (it's already paid out once and covered the cost of the first year's payments!).

  4. You can claim for the first lump and then when you ring the insurance for any future claims just make sure you're clear it is ongoing treatment for the same illness/injury and it (should) still be covered under that.

  5. Top bloke. In 1998 I had my birthday party at the Lane and I met Marcelo and Steve Bruce. Marcelo was lovely according to my mum (though I don't remember and she fancied him) and Steve Bruce made such an impression on me that when I then got a guinea pig for Christmas I called it Bruce after ol' Steve.

  6. About ten years ago mate.

  7. Probably better off trying on

  8. I'd buy it in a heartbeat. I can't get to the Lane on Saturday so if this is the only way it is ever sold I'll be gutted.

  9. Same. Just far enough apart that I usually get separate gifts.

  10. Happy birthday for yesterday! Hope you had a lovely day.

  11. HAPPY BIRTHDAY for yesterday - apologies for missing it I was finalising my house move and quite stressed! I hope you had a nicer day.

  12. What are the best and worst things about touring?

  13. Yeah I'm not one for reality shows but really enjoying the Traitors. There's a certain bit on the first episode that had me in stitches and I was hooked after that.

  14. It's just Werewolf/Mafia on TV init?

  15. Bit of a twatty thing to say there pal. Sheffield Central includes the majority of the student population and some of the most affluent areas of the city. It is a fairly open minded constituency.

  16. Local guy's gal's been a councillor for years and is a human rights lawyer, and, she's local. It's a Yorkshire seat. Being local counts as well.

  17. Bath Hotel would be freezing at the minute though! Not a cosy book reading spot as the decor is all wood and tiled floor. I'd go Red Deer personally.

  18. He had a good first 15-20 but he faded as England took control of the game. He and Sarr couldn't get on the ball after Henderson's goal.

  19. We'll keep him this season and if we don't go up he'll be off I reckon.

  20. Support of the national team seem to be far more passionate from supporters of smaller clubs.

  21. I support Sheffield United - I'm always club over country. If the Blades are playing at the same time as England I'd watch the Blades.

  22. If we beat france we really can win it all. Will be a very, very difficult game and we still haven’t beaten a top team under Southgate, but I’m cautiously optimistic

  23. England beat Germany at the Euros last year.

  24. Use the post match thread


  26. Was the mention of Bukayo Saka's A-level grades the most Alan Partridge bit of commentary in this tournament so far?

  27. Tragic commentary that, yeah.

  28. Shite karma grab. Removed.

  29. Looks like Ndiaye will be back home soon.

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