1. I engrave dugouts and sell them

  2. Still remember the anti drug cartoon they did back in the day

  3. Whenever I have bought something someone says tastes or smells earthy it usually means it has no taste or smell. Is that the case here?

  4. No it's just not your usual sweet or fruity bud. It kinda reminds me of some old school Bubba kush a lil. But I can kinda taste the gorilla butter too. It's not the strongest but it's some dank!

  5. I've been really considering trying this I've been wanting to try a good diamonds and sauce I was leaning towards standards blue domina but there prices are hard to beat.

  6. Originally 50 got it on sale for 35

  7. I got 3 different LR pods from klutch and they all tasted the same with minimal effect very disappointing

  8. Looks 🔥! I want to try that mac and cheese

  9. What consoles can the Dreamcast emulate?

  10. With the Dreamcast you burn them to disc to play. You can play almost everything on it pre-dreamcast. I still have discs with every Sega, NES, SNES and Mame game. You can also burn the actual games for the system too and play them. Back in 2000 that was insane!

  11. Is the BR honey whipped like the Ancient Roots honey?

  12. No it's crystallized because of it being all natural

  13. It was from a website that’s trusted. how is he scamming? Proof? (This is months ago in December im not buying it anyways)

  14. I placed a wholesale order with him directly back in the day. I can show the conversation from Instagram

  15. That guy is the biggest SCAMMER I've ever dealt with! I placed an order with him back in the day and he tried to rip me off. I was really patient and still willing to give him a second chance to make things right but he never did. No Tegridy!

  16. Yeah seriously man I’m the youngest at my house and I’m 24 for gods sake lol no kids here

  17. I think their LR pods suck. I've gotten 2 of the Klutch LR pods. Both were different strains but tasted exactly the same. And the effects were barely there. I just scooped a Buckeye Relief LR 510 cart and WOW the effects are Night and day

  18. I had the luster pod of this one. The luster was pretty good! I think 7.5 out of 10 is pretty fair :)

  19. I would love to find this in a luster pod!

  20. You bought some old bud bro. Look at that package date!! It's better when it's fresh

  21. No I actually bought it on 2-12 and just recently got to it. I keep a few different strains. Contrary to popular belief it doesn't need to be packaged last month to be fresh. This jar was fresh the whole way through. The cure was absolutely perfect on this one!

  22. Why is there such a difference in the cure dates? I posted my baggie last night. Lemon do si dos, 3 month cure. You got lemon do si dos on a 6 week cure. I guess I just don't understand what buckeye is doing

  23. Each cut is different so it might have more moisture than another cut of the same plant. I did hear they remove the oxygen and add nitrogen to help the cure for bud in bags. Maybe they let it cure longer in the bags?

  24. It's a mix. It's crystalizing but under it, it's not fully hard. Pretty normal for br honey

  25. Gotta love the all natural stuff! Mine is solid crystallized.. still good just gotta warm it up to liquefy again. Taste so good! Enjoy 🤙

  26. Game sounds familiar but don't remember the name. My dentist had Altered Beast and Space Invaders back in the day!

  27. They've been doing this same song and dance about legalization in Ohio for over a decade

  28. Where the hell are these Josh D strains? I haven't seen them in Columbus. Maybe I'm just missing them but where did you pick this up? I might need to take a drive....

  29. I found it online at Body and Mind in Elyria. 30% off too ended up being $28! I got there and they said I got the last one. Klutck rep there said there's going to be more of Josh D strains and 20 new ones this summer!!!

  30. I got a half oz of that Donny Burger. It was absolutely some of the best bud I've had in the program.

  31. Definitely one of my favorites!

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