1. I like my Pax a lot. I had the original 1st release from years ago. I had an issue with it not heating up and contacted them. Mine had a 10 year warranty so they sent me a newer version. I like the quality and the warranty for the price.

  2. How was this down voted. I hate this place why am I here? Lmao

  3. Right! People hate for no reason. I tend to find a lil more maturity on

  4. Just try it and tell yourself you're going to have a good time and enjoy it. Don't give yourself anxiety over it. It's not worth the energy.

  5. Never settle for less, only the best!!! Especially ice hash 🤤

  6. Definitely don't do the same body part everyday. If you want to see results do them 1 or 2 times a week. Switching to different variations for each day. Slowly increase the weight each week. Your body needs time to rest. Thats when you do other parts of the body like arms, back, shoulders.. etc on the off days. Most importantly make sure that you stretch and warm up before each workout too. Keep it up 💪

  7. Best system ever! Tony Hawk, crazy taxi, ready 2 rumble, Soul caliber, heavy metal geomatrix and Spawn were the shit!

  8. You can find them online just Google c cell luster battery

  9. They need to allow reciprocation for out of state patients here. Then after that put recreational in effect!

  10. Inch over diffuser or perc. Room temp water my preference

  11. Lower the price to get a medical card. Then lower the price of the actual medicine. If they did those 2 things I can guarantee that the number of patients would double if not triple! A lot of people won't get a card because of the price.

  12. Space Case or Cosmic if you can find them. SLX is ceramic coated and pretty good too

  13. Oh I know where to go for the most part. Just trolling. Probably gonna go to IE for the majority of my shit but also gonna get some temple hash from Apothecare. But I’ll take any rec’s on good flower because that’s my main priority.

  14. They carry Galenas there too

  15. Love the placement of the monitor

  16. Whoever sold you that is a dick!

  17. Pineapple upside down pizza

  18. Go a lil further north and get Buddy's pizza!

  19. CarnEvil is the best! The marvel super hero's cab is dope too with the punisher. You can soft mod that Simpsons and add TMNT if you don't have it

  20. The wolverine turtle is pretty cool

  21. Definitely one of my new favorites. Great end of the day strain

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