1. Not trying to be condescending, and Rodtang is a good fighter, but not only is he not even close to the top Thais of all time - the way he fights is going to severely limit his time in the sport.

  2. I love rodtang but ge nowhere near buakaw or saenchai just to name a couple. I just love the way rodtabd fight but as you said he takes alotta shots abd that could drastically shorten his career but u gotta remember those Thai fighters are built different lol I'm actually watching tawanchai vs petchmorakot right now lol

  3. I've been so confused here too! My autos sprouted like May 20th. That's like um 120 days I think? 18 weeks? I assume I'm doing something wrong butttt things are going OK so I will question and solve it later while it's snowing

  4. Yea about how many weeks did it veg for before it went into flower???

  5. Most plants take 8-9 weeks from start of flower till harvest. Most of the autos I’ve grown have been 3-5 weeks from germination till start of flower then 8-9 weeks of flower time till harvest. My advice is to listen to the plant first and then consider the advice from the internet “experts”

  6. Exactly I always go by trics hairs and everything the plants telling me. I see some people that harvest religiously by the number from the seed company. I find that nuts cause I've had plants that were off by 3 4 weeks so they end up harvesting super early and so quality and quantity greatly suffers

  7. That def a good possibility cuz I did move my lights close right before the sign showed Ive already moved my light back up I didn't think light damage would look like that I thought it would be burnt tip curling n burnt leaves well see in acoule day is the new leaves look better

  8. Yea I asked the question then did the research next time it'll be vice versa lol

  9. I will do I appreciate the help I just started hydro so don't expect any result with the fogger anytime soon lol

  10. They work great, but you need to maintain the water level about 3 fingers above the top of the fogger. And you need to have it running on a cycle timer running off for longer than on because it constantly heats up the water. For example 2 minutes on 5-15 minutes off, or the water will get too hot. This will allow the fogger and the water to cool back down.

  11. Yea I thought that so I made a little float outta stro foam so it float the perfect distance from the top n will a container that like 60 to 80 quarts I think. If I let that get to low that me just being lazy lol thanks for the info and have done a little more research . Thanks again

  12. I've seen em grow buds from there without any hermie issue it's a pretty weird thing to see when a plants in full flower n there bud growing of fan leaves like some1 said if they could breed this into something stable I bet alotta ppl would want to grow it just on the novelty alone

  13. Wondering how this ended up, did u get a carrot??

  14. Thanks for this, but I have to ask why it’s overkill. I’ve seen so many different formulas and explanations on the good ol interwebs

  15. It may be overkill now but like every1s said u can dim it n down the road you can get a bigger tent and not hafta buy a new light. Buy what u want if its to powerful for a 5 by 5 make sure it has a dimmer n itll be fine. Should you not buy a Lambo cause you cant drive 250mph all the time ? No, you buy it you dive it slower on the daily(aka dimming your light) and once in a while you hit the track n get to see it full potential( max out CO2 in full flower or when bigger tent)Do you bro if you got the bread treat your self you won't regret it

  16. super easy to get forgiveness once you crop out the first time, if she partakes ofcourse.

  17. I feel u I just sit in my indoor garden almost daily and just read or research bud growing stuff online with a lil classical or jazz playing. I've heard plants like music lol. It super relaxing to just chill in the garden imo

  18. Change water kf you hosing tap it has stiff that will kill. Or just change clean n refill Makin sure u got all the lol bastards of you don't get rid soon you have sqitos flying all over

  19. Nice and chunky you flush already?? Looks like it imo, by 11 weeks she be nice and flushed with some beautiful colors hopefully. Look great man would love to see the harvest pics when u get there

  20. Bro that looking fire gunna make some dank full melt.. You gunna be making any rosin with that???

  21. The first 2 pic are the same plant as with the last 2. Thats some diatamacious earth no need for concern lol. I been lsting trying to the a circle of colas around the perimeter with 1 are 2 colas in the center. Trying the same on both but I think the plant in the 1st 2 pics is going a lil better and it also has a supercropping knuckle forming in there not sure if u can see in pic and if so will add trellis or bamboo to hold up buds if need be. Any tips or info would be greatly appreciate what I do wanna here is how much better your was I ain't go time for that . I love conversation but not a 1 way talk on how u did it better lol

  22. A lil early to be 100 percent buy km thinkin you'll see a pistol pop out of the right 1 within a few days but I've def been wrong before so..

  23. Peanut butter just (maybe already be a name) Nutter butter Minty breath Pb kush

  24. A quarter gram? That's worthless lol. I mean for me at least.

  25. 06. You peasant smh I srry we're not on your level here master. They have a subreddit for royalty that smoke herb maybe you'd fit in better there

  26. Do you want them to flower so early?? Obviously ,your yield will suffer greatly. Edit: Now that look at it more the more I realize this is on purpose. I can't hate, I experiment with grows too

  27. Aphids plus the sweet honey dew they leave behind on the leaves will attract other bugs that like to eat the honeydew they leave behind then they could start eating the plant afterwards

  28. let it dry for 10 - 12 days then trim it and cure it for at least 7 days , burp the jars or buckets everyday for 20 min and shake the buds , it will smell great once bagged up

  29. Buckets lol only if I had enough to fill buckets lol one day

  30. The best way to know when they are ready to jar is to smoke a joint of it. If the flower burns white/gray ash all the way through and does not go out that flower is ok to jar. A big mistake you don't want to make is jarring early. That welcomes some grassy and hay smells.

  31. Exactly why I'm asking I don't want to ruin months of work by it ending up smelling like hay

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