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  1. Dear God, stay awake. I have an entire family of people mourning an infant who was suffocated by her sleeping mother who rolled over onto her. You want to talk about a lifetime of regret? Snuggle sitting up and crib that baby.

  2. No. They don’t deserve it. Absolutely not. I constantly kid myself that until I get caught, it’s a victimless crime.

  3. I had someone wish that I get cancer. When they call me a slut or a whore (hasn’t happened in a long time), I usually respond with “Mom?”

  4. Anyone considering that the child may have done something very disruptive, and he’s not being 100% truthful about what happened and how long he was actually “sitting” at the wall? Notice that what he did is swept under the rug? Everyone is oh…“poor baby”. We don’t have enough facts and schools have their hands tied because they are not allowed to give their side of the story to the press. What kids get away with in school now is insane. Smack the teacher and the parent asks, “Well, what did you do to him for him to hit you?” Insert “Let me tell you, in my day…” rants here:

  5. My SO used to give me oral. Rarely. Once I found the perfect AP, his skills are just so on point, so amazing, so spins my head and has me trembling with multiple orgasms, that about 9 years ago, I just started refusing at home. SO thinks I hate it or I’m self conscious about it. The truth is, it’s not worth it to have to fake enjoying that, when he thinks he’s doing it for me, so yeah, that’s been off the table for nearly a decade at home. I’m so happily satisfied with my lover, I actually would find it unbearable to have him down there, basically making me wish I could jump out the window. As for giving, I am obsessed with going down on my AP. He’s got the perfect piece and he’s fucking delicious. When I masturbate it’s the thought of tasting him that puts me over the edge.

  6. Bath and body works wallflower in the “Laundry Day” scent: you plug it in and it just smells “clean”. Stay away from anything that reeks of food, spice, or flowers.

  7. I’m seeing mixed reviews about how strong the scent is— what’s your opinion on that? I’m considering this as my option!

  8. I find it very clean and refreshing. Granted, mine is located in an extremely large and open room, it might be stronger in a closed room. Some of the diffusers they sell, have a slider you can adjust the power of the scent.

  9. Definitely my Mr. clean eraser sponges. I use them on my appliances and on the fridge and backyard furniture. Also, my window squeegee. I love clean windows. If you think you know how to use a squeegee, you don’t. This YouTube video shows the best technique.

  10. I do it because when I walk by or go into my room, my bed looks inviting and pretty. I love how it looks. It takes me four minutes, the room looks great and climbing into a made bed is so lovely. Also, I feel like I accomplished something nice. Do it for 30 days and you’ll want to do it everyday without hassle.

  11. I’m with everyone here. As a host myself, tell me. Let me fix it. If it needs replacing I’d want to replace it myself and I’d appreciate the guest reimbursing me, though I’d be reasonable about asking for the guest to cover the cost.

  12. I love the spinach feta ones. They make a great breakfast sandwich.

  13. I love it and it has made me a better cook AND I have tried things I never would have tried before. I save the recipes and some I make for guests. The barramundi and the pork dishes are ones that I love which I never would have made on my own.

  14. At the football stadium, random guys whistle at me, but to be fair, I am selling beer.

  15. We sip wine, talk, play iPad games, view YouTubes or SNL clips, and enjoy multiple rounds in our six hour romps. And no, it’s never enough time!!

  16. I can relate. Never thought I’d be here, but fell in love with my AP. I have no desire to leave my SO, and, like others on here, I berate and castigate myself for being a horrible person. Yet I can’t let go of either man and I do believe it has helped my marriage. I’m more patient, more giving, more forgiving. It just works for me to have a partner at home, and a romantic soul mate as well.

  17. How do you plate it? Always interested in trying new things!

  18. Place rice down the middle (we use a wide bowl with low sides), keep the rice together like a low log and keep the rest of the plate clean, place green beans on either side of the rice, put meatballs on top of the rice, drizzle sauce back and forth over the meatballs, top with scallion greens.

  19. OP has been posting on infidelity subs as a woman scorned. She’s hurting and making up phony cautionary tales to try and save other women the hurt she feels. It’s a decently detailed, complex fiction.

  20. I’m in my early 60’s and having the best romantic, loving sex of my life with my super hot AP of 9+ years. I look damn good and so does he. Why put an age limit on pleasure? I truly felt my sexiest from 53 on and it keeps getting better!

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