Iranian Morality Police (Basiji) Commander beaten bloody can barely stand. (Please support Iranians - Meta is blocking Iranian protest content.)

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Man hits women not wearing hijab in Iran during protests other men show him the error of his ways

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YouTube ruining their whole website starterpack

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  1. My brother and I were brought up in an Assembly of God church. We weren't allowed to look at each other when people start "talking in tongues" because we would bust out laughing.

  2. No way I could have lasted in one of those as a kid. We went to plain, normal boring churches and still couldn't stay in the sanctuary for the whole one hour until at least 12 or 13.

  3. Oh we fucking hated it. My parents always said "you can not go to church when you're on your own." Well, I'm almost 40 and I still don't go to church and I love my relaxing Sundays at home. Take that, mom and dad!

  4. As an American that doesn't speak Spanish, it looks staged AF.

  5. As a college baseball fan, we have seen enough. Trust us.

  6. You got that in reverse colors? Rifle season is right around the corner and I don't wanna get shot while deer hunting.

  7. Two plays lost the game, the terrible fumble and the missed Field Goal period

  8. How about when it was 2nd and 30 and we gave up the first down? There's lots of blame to go around. Which isn't exactly good because that means we have a lot of different issues happening in every game.

  9. I actually agree with us being around #20-25 based on what I've seen on the field. What's dumb is had Cam Little made the field goal last night we would've moved up in the rankings. But how different are the teams where he makes it vs missing it? Zero different. Rankings are dumb.

  10. Stand with him publicly but chew him out behind the scenes. Logic dictates if us fans see an issue then Sam would have to address it Briles. At least hold them accountable. Otherwise this team will never progress past mediocrity.

  11. Sam says publicly that he’s ok with Briles playcalling, and Briles continues to do the same things over and over. How is that a shitty take?

  12. Because you're not sunshine pumping. Better be careful doing that in here.

  13. A bielema team would have crumbled. When KJ scored last night to put us down 2 I think most hog fans believed we would come back and win. That’s a culture thing. We expected to come back and win. We haven’t had that since Petrino. Pittboss has us in the right mindset.

  14. We did crumble though. We didn't score a single point after that turnover until the final 10 minutes of the game. In fact, we went 40 minutes of game play without scoring, about half of that was on offense. And the reality is A&M ain't even that good. Their signature win over Miami just got destroyed by Middle Tennessee State. We rarely had enough time to come back and secure the win against Missouri state. We ran out of time last night. We can't continue doing that. We've struggled against every team we have played this season.

  15. I have no idea why anyone gets on Twitter period. It is by far the most toxic social media platform and it’s full of idiots.

  16. You know where he is. 99% time the cost of CA housing is mentioned it's in silicon valley.

  17. And that is problem on a privately owned site, that doesn’t claim to be a news source? The problem is people get there entire world view from Facebook and twitter. We need a publicly funded national news network that is held accountable when they lie or report opinions instead of facts.

  18. I was only commenting on past experiences, I left Twitter long ago.

  19. Ah, so you're just full of shit. Noted.

  20. But that assumes there would be an equal amount of extremists regardless of the existence of religions. You can't seriously believe that. Religion makes extremism worse. Wayyy worse. It's not even up for debate. It's pure common sense.

  21. So that example proves that's what it would be like on average with the rest of the world?

  22. What's blacklisting Petrino isn't the affair. It's the way he let Louisville collapse his last season there. P5 schools aren't going to sign up for that.

  23. It's both. And how he tried to cover up the motorcycle accident and lied to the A.D. about it.

  24. Crazy how different football was back then. Back when national championship winning linemen were the size of... Jerry Jones - 182 lbs soaking wet and a hair under 6 foot with his shoes on. Lol

  25. The fact that there was even 1 fan who showed up to watch a Chad Moriss coached game, much less thousands of fans, speaks volumes.

  26. 🎶Where’s Leigh Tiffin when you need him!🎶

  27. This video should be the default response to anyone who is feeling nostalgic about the Houston Nutt days. That shit drives me crazy. Nutt was the most mediocre coach that ever mediocre'd and he had so much excess baggage with all the drama he brought in.

  28. Plus 99% of users aren't using that extension so you're only getting dislikes from people who use that extension.

  29. Vegas lines always have precedence over AP rankings imo

  30. This is why Vegas should do the rankings. Way more accurate. Not the AP or Coaches.

  31. He's a pretty tiny guy. I bet he weighs under 160 lbs or less. But those are still some strong ass door and hinges. My 200 lb ass would've ripped that door down immediately.

  32. I've seen CEDs before, and almost bought one for the novelty, but it would just end up sitting around forever. I left the stack (20-30 of 'em) for someone else who would be more interested. Cool to see, though.

  33. They make cool mini movie posters/decor

  34. Does anyone understand how to use this meme?

  35. I recommend the movie "My Friend Dahmer". Think of it as an origin story film.

  36. Hope they spay and neutered their pets after this litter 😖

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