FTX crypto exchange had a $25 billion valuation in Oct '21. Today it might actually be totally worthless after it collapsed virtually overnight. Once again it shows that sane, level headed investors should stay far, far away from anything crypto related.

I don't need it, I don't even necessarily want it, but I've got some cash to burn so I'm gonna get it.

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  1. I smoke mj everyday and have never smoked tobacco. Bezos owns WSJ so it’s pretty much bullshit

  2. Why does it sound like a toddler wrote this? The bullet points are just next sentences?

  3. Relative Strength Index - above 70 is overbought and below 30 is oversold. Rising RSI could indicate a gain in the accumulation of shares.

  4. Only a few minutes and your bs comment got rekt. FTX JUST went bust and may be aquired by binance. Who is GME partnered with if that happens?

  5. They partnered with a completely different entity. DeEp TiEs WiTh BlAcKroCk!!

  6. Tell me exactly how a move above 0.35 will invalidate a bullish view?? Don’t make NO sense dawg

  7. Oh no! Another boomer complaining about things that take money away from billionaires!!! Anyways….

  8. People in third world countries don't need a "currency" that wildly fluctuates and loses 70% of its value in a span of a year.

  9. No problem with mass adoption? There are huge anti-crypto schemes going on. You really can’t think of one reason why banks and the FED are anti-crypto? Real value in the hands of the people is scary for those in power. We’ve been in a bear market for the last year, mainly because Wall Street, and effectively the FED, being way over-leveraged.

  10. It's easier to buy crypto than dollars and euros in a lot of these countries. The only exception is North Korea which doesn't allow their citizens on the internet. I thought that was the whole selling point? That you can be anonymous and do it over the internet? Even in China where it's completely banned people are still buying it.

  11. This is exactly my point. Ofc it’s easier for people with lots of money to keep the current system in place. I mean real value by value that is closely tied to real world commodities, or supply and demand. How is it so hard to comprehend that the ultra rich don’t have your best interest at heart? Of course people would oppose a monetary system that might make their currency useless, which it is.

  12. They aren’t covering. Price going down is shorting 100%

  13. Could we track how much ammunition they have roughly to keep surpressing the price?

  14. That’s not quite exactly how it works because of how much goes unreported. I honestly expect this whole week to be 100mil+ volume

  15. No one is selling, except maybe the spooky ghosts of synthetic shares.

  16. Pesky retail traders back at it again pumping the stock for short term gains (?) I guess?

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