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  1. Strawberries are awesome. A pound has 154 calories.

  2. Anyone have the original with the original music?

  3. After this update I read somewhere that we get a auto-farm button or something for the nameless town or was I dreaming?

  4. Not in game yet. It's expected to arrive in 2 months I think.

  5. My rule has always been to do the active banner each time I have enough gems to do it and it's worked wonders.

  6. Sounds good. What's so good about him anyway? Nuker?

  7. Same. I think there's a good fit there.

  8. The Going Merry, and it's not even close

  9. If you are actively losing weight, hold it out. If after your weight stabilizes, and your LDL doesn't go down, there could be room for concern.

  10. Hi! You are fighting the other commenters over semantics of curing vs. remission vs. Treatment, ect. It's very clear that from your case the keto diet will most probably work. Do it. Make another post in 6 months?

  11. If I were I player at that table I would re-role my character into a circle of the moon Druid and I would be like "I'm another one of his conjure animals"

  12. It's gotta be between Daddy Yankee or Bad Bunny, could even be Ricky Martin or Marc Anthony or JLo (if you consider her Puerto Rican).

  13. Hey! I would totally be a budget player if the games prices were reasonable. Gems are too expensive for me. So I'm a F2P player that wants to be budget

  14. I do understand that, most of us players regardless of Lane agree with you. The prices are steep for sure. Are you happy with the units you have for your account?

  15. Also, there's nothing else to buy that aren't gems or 99.99 dollar packs. There's just nothing.

  16. 100% happy with my units. I'm the guy that posted the octopath after 100 days as a F2P player post like two weeks ago and currently have 15 five star units and 5 four.five. I'm more in the "just to buy something becuase I've enjoyed the game so much boat"

  17. First time I've cried on reddit in 10 years

  18. I bought Erythritol with monk fruit and used it for as a sugar substitute for year. I was a complete sugar addict. Sugar was crack for me from ages 8-30. It took me about 2 years to me comfortable around sugars again.

  19. Kidney stones are sometimes a result of low magnessium

  20. I buy magnessium glycenate and take it. I think magnessium citrate is another good form of it. The important thing is that the magnessium you buy has to be bioavailable, if must be in a form that the body can break down and use. I think the two best are citrate and glycenate.

  21. I've only done step ups when I have all the rubies to do it completely. Has worked as a charm. Have 20 something five stars. F2P

  22. This is by far the best definition of a dad joke out there

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