1. Ofc! You can’t make a claim like that on Reddit and not back it up lol

  2. People will locate your city and look for that weeks local deals in grocery stores in your area to fact check you

  3. He’s playing both sides so he always comes out on top. He doesn’t get got, he gets.

  4. He cut me off at a In n Out once

  5. I get the feeling this was a repo. I just can’t fathom anyone bringing in their car for detailing without emptying out at least the toys. There was even a cell phone on the floor.

  6. More than likely, I use to flip repo/storage cars back in college and they were some fuckin abominations of a mess

  7. I always do, except to one guy last week that had WC hero al owairan and WCP Mbappe, don't doesn't need the free win

  8. Yes he can. Look at balde. Look at varane. Xavi threw balde into the ice in the middle of the season and in the classico he made carvajal his bitch. It was the same with Casillas, Raul and other. I can’t hear this argument anymore

  9. Cherry picked examples, how many youngsters or b team players have gotten the chance mid season and haven't performed well? So many players have gotten a chance and flopped. The 2x I saw Tobias play with the main team it was never enough for me to beg for him to be played more, I'm sure Ancelloti see's or hear from his staff about the Castilla guys in training too, stop trying to pretend like you know who's going to be the next casillas or Raul too lmao

  10. Lol Idc. Ancelotti didn’t believe in ceballos too and he plays better than kroos and modric for now. Vinicius Tobias is one of the reasons that the castilla is playing so good along with Arribas but hey we see Mariano and fatzard week for week but never Arribas who would be better. I don’t think ancelotti doesn’t know that, he just isnt someone who promotes youth players that good. Miguel was decent too at the start of the last season when Mendy was injured, when Mendy came back, ancelotti simply put him back to the castilla without a good reason instead of rotating him with Mendy which would’ve been great for his development. And let’s say nacho for now is better (which I agree to all big matches), do you think carvajal in his inconsistent form or the don are better than vini Tobias who is a top talent?

  11. I agree that Mariano and hazard shouldn't even be on the bench, but I also don't believe we should be mad at Ancelloti for not calling Castilla guys on, he doesn't play a style all the time so puting inexperienced players in will probably be a lot harder for getting a dynamic play style that he likes. Another coach would work better for that imo, I'd love for us having more Castilla players.

  12. Most significant thing I remember learning in kindergarten was learning to tie my shoes. My 2 year old already knows all his alphabet and numbers up to ~20 and is starting to read and write, I swear we didn't start learning to read in 1st grade. My sister is an elementary school teacher and she says the kindergartens are already taking test online on their computers too.

  13. If we win 5 champions league in 9 years, the blame has to go to Perez!!! Also partially Ancelloti!!

  14. Rob the douche and Kaitlyn the Milf

  15. I hear you.. but it’s also just as likely he will play for another 37 years. I think he’s just hungover from the World Cup.

  16. Yea man i can totally see him play in another WC at 40

  17. And then they finished on each other

  18. They are in a way worse form than us

  19. How frustrating it must be for these guys to know they’ll never get a chance in the first team under Ancelotti no matter how well they perform in Castilla.

  20. Are you on crack? Carlo put him in as a sub like 3 games at the end of the season last year after we had secured our spot. Obviously he's not going to give him time during a title race

  21. He loves feeling important

  22. doubt anyone was expecting the pack weight to be this terrible

  23. Last year I got toty Lewa in a random electrum pack without even trying, I thought it was a lot easier to pack one cause of that, also I remember a lot of YouTubers calling him fodder

  24. Although technically true, the fact he hired a hooker (presumably requesting her young) and saw a child walk in and thought "eh she probably just looks younger"

  25. People forget he was 21 at the time not 34, big difference

  26. Jimmi Simpson hasn't been seen since SEASON 9. YOU WILL CALL HIM!!!

  27. Wtf they've only been on 7 episodes and haven't been on the show since 2013 yet they feel like such a big part of the show

  28. I had 74 packs saved worst than bremer was Ruben Dias packed him like 8 times at least I was able to do mbappe and Pogba. I didn't get any toty but I got vini so it wasn't all that bad

  29. I had about 90 packs, I have about 30 left and my best has been ter Stegen

  30. This is how my 2nd kid is, she sleeps all night since she was born, it's crazy, she's 5 months now and still sleeps through the whole night. I have no idea how we survived the first 3 months with the first, I ran on like 3-4 hours of sleep

  31. He has 9 goals in 31 games for Castilla, not bad at all, also he's fuckin 6'4 which compliments so well with our shorter more agile players like Vini and rodrygo. Just checked out his IG and he was so grateful to get minutes in the CDR against that other team this month, seems like Madridista through and through. I'd much rather have him be Benz' backup than Mariano. He deserves the chance at this point

  32. forgot how friendlies use SBMM from rivals what a joke, i’m currently stuck in div 2 facing the toughest opponents and now i am getting punished in fucking Friendlies for it too

  33. Is everything sbmm? I swear my champs game are always close , only like 2/20 games I'm actually completely outclassed

  34. Any SBCS that need IF? I have an untradable duplicate I need to get rid of

  35. I currently don't use him but when I did I had Trippier at RM and swapped them in game. He's a far better midfielder than defender.

  36. Yea I want to use him as a MF but I don't have another player that would go as a full back in game. His weaknesses feel so obvious whenever he's the last man trying to beat/catch up a through ball, if I have any of my other defenders as last man it's a lot easier to shut down

  37. I've been using his for a while since he's my most valuable player but he feels way worse than his price tag suggest imo, I had an anchor on him and he still felt like my slowest and weakest defender compared to El Yamiq, baby Maldini, and gold mendy(anchor). I put a shadow on him and he feels a bit faster but still gets absolutely bodied by attackers even though he has better physical stats than Maldini and with anchor he has better physical stats than El Yamiq. I want to replace him since gold mendy feels hand down better than him in every way other than shooting and passing but that's not my main focus on full backs.

  38. Looking at rabiot he's probably levels ahead of him, unsure of ww kroos as I didn't do him but that card is really good too when I've played against him, if you need a defender I'd probably do ramos as lots of people are saying how good he is

  39. Have you used rabiot though? He is actually better than his stats, he feels better to attack and defend than kroos while being faster, the only advantage that kroos has is how accurate his passes are and his 5/5 helps too. Might just go Ramos but if I can I'll do both

  40. Pogba is miles better than that WC Rabiot. Rabiot always felt a bit clunky to me, but regardless Pogbas attacking is in another universe and his defending isn’t bad, esp if you manually control him.

  41. He does feel clunky at times but sometimes he's glitchy as hell with his long legs, feels kind of like varane at intercepting at times

  42. There's a typo in the original tweet with Alaba and Tchouameni (not "sin duda" but "son duda") so they're not guaranteed to be available on Sunday.

  43. No, that is not the whole reason he was 60 million. If he was equally good but 10 years older, he wouldn’t fetch close to 60. That’s the point.

  44. You misunderstood, I am not saying he is that quality yet, but he is good enough to be expected to reach an evaluation far beyond that. Im just saying it's not like we blindly bought a 60million brazilian

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