1. Those are all reasonable points, although I don't buy the plates with the plastic coating.

  2. Waste is waste, though. Every time you use something and throw it out for convenience sake, you are wasting the material and energy used to harvest, process, package, and ship it, and you are contributing to an already overloaded and unsustainable waste stream.

  3. CEO of the time I was just thinking about you and I are you guys are going to be a little late but I don't know what to do

  4. Look at it this way. You know your broccoli wasn’t sprayed with bug killing chemicals!

  5. Yep, I only see these on organically grown broccoli. They rinse off

  6. If it didn't, I'd cook all my cakes in the microwave.

  7. Do trans women actually never date other trans women though?

  8. My niece is trans. She and her trans girlfriend have been together for over a decade. Same with my partner's sibling, going on 8 years.

  9. I’m offended on behalf of that gorgeous pie😤

  10. I'm offended because that looks like the best blueberry pie I ever made

  11. Flip phones came back. I'm assuming we don't have pockets large enough for the phone screen we actually want so they found a way to temporarily make it smaller for transport.

  12. I just bought my 16 year old a flip phone for Christmas at his request. His smartphone sits in a drawer now.

  13. This is fascinating. What did he say his reasoning was? Is it a new fad with the young kids?

  14. It seems to be a trend. A couple of his friends have done the same. He says it helps him stay more present in his life and reduces the anxiety of feeling like he always has to be available to everyone. I don't know what he's talking about. Totally unrelatable and I DO NOT HAVE A PHONE ADDICTION. /s

  15. Was one of those regrets being with this person in the first place?

  16. Not at all. They are a quality human, culinary crimes notwithstanding

  17. It was kind of a disaster making my first cheesecake but it was delicious.

  18. If you want to prevent the cracking, use a water bath, turn off the oven when the cake is still just a liiiiiiitle jiggly in the middle, keep the cake inside the oven for at least an hour with a wooden spoon or something holding the oven door open just a crack. I've been making perfectly level cheesecakes like this for years now, it has never failed me.

  19. I'm guessing "I don't think he knows either"

  20. I shaved my head at 17 and it was the best thing I ever did. And at the risk of being posted on

  21. There were 6 what I would call viable (the girl responded) numbers, 3 of which were from online dating, 3 from face to face, however since online required exponentially more attempts, I would say I had better luck in person.

  22. Bro, you approached 41 women in a year? Like.....HUMAN IN PERSON WOMEN?!!! I'm getting second hand anxiety just thinking about that.

  23. The fuck is up with Reddit lately. This is the 10th zero-upvote post that has shown up on my feed today.

  24. I love (hate) how women list a bunch of qualities that they have (independent, masters degrees, high income, etc) on their profiles when men have almost no interest in those qualities in a woman. That's something women look for in men and they think it works both ways.

  25. Jesus, man what kind of women do you want to date?

  26. Dating in my 30s and 40s was fun as hell. The older I got, the more fun it got. I had a better handle on who I am, and what I am looking for, and yeah, more money. I had less tolerance for bullshit, which is nice. I learned to be particular about who I spend my time with, which was also nice. I was having loads of fun dating, and probably would still be dating if I hadn't fallen madly in love with the woman who is now my wife. The only thing more fun than dating in my 40s is being married to her.

  27. Word. I got divorced at 38, and have had an absolute blast the last 10 years. Maybe I have thicker skin, or I'm just lucky, but I've never gotten the sort of dating-burn-out thing that I hear so much about.

  28. For sure. Never used evap milk in pecan pie

  29. Something else you can do for future reference is actually make a slurry--just add some water to it and mix it up. That way, you get the thickening effect without the clumps. I've ran into that issue before, too, when making a brown sugar glaze for carrots, so I feel you!

  30. Yeah, lock him up and throw away the key!

  31. Seems like a perfectly fair punishment for touching someone's head.

  32. That makes sense. I always find it weird to see syrup bottles with pictures of pancakes that don't specify the type of syrup. TIL

  33. If it's grocery store "syrup", it's not molasses, it's a mixture of corn syrup, color and artificial flavorings. Also referred to as "table syrup"

  34. There but for a million different miracles, go I. My liver has finally recovered after 6+ years off the sauce. It can be a helluva drug.

  35. I always use silicone mats. Is there a better way?

  36. I've had decent luck with silicone mats, but peeling the macs off has always been annoying and sometimes problematic

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