Memo from Matt Furlong via CNBC

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“GME announces 4 for 1 stock split”

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  1. Number one shows that this place operates on fee fees and participation in your lane ass larping. Talk about participation trophies lmao. We only listen to those with participation trophies!

  2. Lmao all of this from the guy who created his Reddit account 25 days ago to argue with strangers on the internet about politics.

  3. Unflaired wall of text no way I’m reading all of that

  4. I guess both, but there is essentially no Down's syndrome in Iceland because 100% do screening and 98+% of mothers abort a DS baby


  6. To add onto his advice, I would also perhaps advice a nice cuff roll, they could really make the fit of the pants shine more:

  7. Don't you love how the mass hirings didn't move the stock but all of a sudden it does matter when one person leaves.

  8. To be fair, it’s not only one person. Not sure if you missed that part of the post.

  9. Didn't you see all the explanations for that? No, everyone's just conveniently leaving those out I suppose. Trimming the fat of a company as one evolves is mandatory for growth and I have no DOUBT in my mind that GameStop could've had a few moles or even people there for a very specific job to complete, once done their business is too. It's simple. I know it wasn't just one but this isn't just some stock. Idiosyncratic risk I believe ;)

  10. I completely agree with you, eliminating redundancies can become necessary for a business at some point. I was just responding to this user because they painted it as if it was only just one person, which is blatantly not true


  12. a STATE senator…for RI…I’m sad. I thought AOC finally made an OF when I saw this post.

  13. Clickbait moment when you thought it was an actual senator, for Rhode Island nonetheless

  14. A lot of them took their ideas from the 60s radicals like Marcusé and others. So I'm not surprised.

  15. A few years ago he make an account on this subreddit and didn’t admit it was him at first but he made a bunch of posts trying to convince people to stop hating on him. So this subreddit is definitely guilty.

  16. Absolutely, people need to think twice about what they say to or about people man. Damn I hope this isn’t true

  17. Sorry bot this is literally the one time I will upvote an unflaired. Forgive me

  18. Generally curious do you have a source corroborating your claim of the differentiator being market control and also that Nazism is a left-wing ideology? Would like to read more on this.

  19. This is the one!! And I'm first to comment that we splitting up in the bitch!! LFG 🚀🚀

  20. It has been an absolute pleasure to be a part of this with all of you.

  21. TRAITOR!!! Unflair yourself at once and face the wrath. Other unflaired user, download a DIFFERENT app or forever never type another word in here again

  22. Lmao did you even read your link? They used data from the FBI in 2019. The article was updated Feb 2022 but has 2019 data lol.

  23. Then I guess the guy above me hasn't checked on murder rates since before 2019. Feel free to provide a more up to date source if it contradicts the current data.

  24. Lol, I didn’t make the claim just pointing out the very obvious error.

  25. Maybe if y’all would stop telling people like me what to do and forcing your ideals on us, We would consider flairing. Until such a time of true equality comes, I shall hold firm in my beliefs and morals. I protest in “silence” to give a voice to the unheard.

  26. Whether you can change it or not is an irrelevant fact here. My point is that companies shouldn't please customers when they make absurd claims. Just because the customer may not like your employees favorite series genre, doesn't mean you should give in, and fire the guy to please the customer at all cost.

  27. Just because you have a certain standard you would like to see reflected in the workplace, it doesn’t mean businesses will hire based on your standards. If an employer sees anime on someone’s car and finds it childish and off-putting and not representative to the values of their business, they have every right to hire someone else.

  28. Ah okay that would be about $7,000 in the USA for the two week stay plus, about $3000 per hour you were in the operating room.

  29. I never understood why people go to the ER when urgent care is sufficient enough 99% of the time. I hardly even bother with a PCP unless it's for something specific and need to have referrals.

  30. 100%, I was having sharp repetitive chest pain in my sternum area, walked into the Urgent Care, told them what happened, they brought me into the back immediately and had an EKG on me within 3 minutes. Cost me like $100. Yeah healthcare in the US can use some work but that’s what I call service.

  31. I wish I was still under 20 😫 the energy I had was amazing, now it's 9:30pm and I'm slipping into bed like I'm some sort of grandpa

  32. If it was 9:30PM an hour ago, you must be Canadian then

  33. Wouldn’t that just be a breath of fresh air? I’ll take anything other than democrat/republican at this point.

  34. Stop being so embarrassing.

  35. O.o wow and I called the paramedics after probably like 5g. How on earth did you survive that?

  36. Can you please elaborate on this because honestly threads like this give Kratom such a bad name

  37. It's not a vegan problem. It's a moron problem, and this sub proves regularly that the entire compass has a moron problem.

  38. I saw it and I'll always know it was there, and you can never take that away from me.

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