1. Your other option is reaching out to radio stations who cover that city/country. Depending on the genre, you'll have more or fewer options, but a lot of genres have radio stations.

  2. I've googled some radio stations, but there are a lot of them, no clues weather they like foreign artist, collage rock station might enjoy experiments, but yeah not so easy to find !

  3. You just... write. People over-complicate the crap out of it, but if you want to write a song, just write one. Take one of the riffs/parts you have as a starting point and think about where it might go next, then next, then next. Copy one of the songs you really like in terms of the order of parts and things like that.

  4. I meant please continue to report people for doing so. I will edit to make it clear.

  5. I usually do a combination of lyrics, chords, and a video to remember songs that I write.

  6. If you have a phone, laptop, tablet or anything, a recording/video with the internal microphone is PLENTY to capture a first draft.

  7. A good piano melody =/= a good vocal melody. You might find it doesn’t sound natural. Other people have good suggestions too, so I’d look at all those.

  8. Fuck me - $30 to change strings? I need to change careers.

  9. I am a multi-instrumentalist, and I do Lyft/Uber for some gigs.

  10. Depending on what you're interested in playing, there are several bluegrass jams with violins during the week. It's totally non-threatening, nothing to learn, just jump in and play along. Any of the open mics are good performance opportunities and chances to meet other musicians in a variety of genres, although classical is typically not well represented.

  11. But feel free to share them on here anyway if you like.

  12. Please obey the rules - lyrics without music go in the pinned thread.

  13. Hasn't that been a bunch of Indian restaurants with different names over the years? We tried the food their years ago and it was awful, but I thought they had changed hands since then.

  14. I've found I can't do physical notebooks because my handwriting is so slow and sloppy -- but I like how you've divided them up. Could try that in a notes app

  15. I do this with Google keep/docs. I have one note with short ideas pinned at the top of Google keep, and when I feel they’re fleshed out enough, I move them into a Google doc. The Google docs are in folders based on level of completeness. I also rewrote within the same doc, but I move parts to the bottom if they’ve been cut so I don’t lose anything.

  16. Wrong flair on a Feedback post, or Promotional post or Wanna Collab post. Please read the

  17. Im not sure where he’s asking for feedback? This is only the results of another thread.

  18. So... the Nazis took advantage of the Weimar gun registration and gun control to find out which of their enemies were armed so they could hunt them down and disarm them before they loaded them in trains. They used a national gun registry to find out who was most likely to resist them... and then disarmed them... and then persecuted them... and this is somehow a counter-argument that oppressive regimes make sure they disarm the people they intend to oppress, how exactly?

  19. I've read a number of your arguments in this thread and they're disingenuous.

  20. My argument wasn't that gun control causes authoritarianism. My argument was that authoritarians use gun control to maintain and enhance their grip on absolute power and eliminate meaningful resistance to their brutal diktats . I may have gotten some of my chronology ("one of the first things") or exact scope ("the public" vs "the Jews") incorrect but my fundamental point remains.

  21. Dear God... I don't think you understand the world or politics outside the US. Those other countries have more "freedom" according to most indexes than the US, so no, guns aren't keeping the US free. But really, they're all (including the US) places where you're plenty free. You should visit them. They're lovely.

  22. Also in the same boat, all my producer friends are trying to drag me to Ableton, i do like Ableton but I like Studio One more. Its much more familiar as someone who is transitioning from Logic.

  23. Compared to what I pay for other monthly services and don't use nearly as much... Yep.

  24. Dude... You've had four posts removed for not posting with the correct flair. Please read the rules.

  25. Not sure where you're trying to record... but 150 watts should be enough to power most laptops. Thats going to be the limiting factor. A laptop is going to be 50-100 watts most likely.

  26. I just discovered Twitter for music promotion, then Musk and womp womp womp.

  27. If you want to learn songwriting, go find someone who is a successful songwriter in your chosen genre and work with them. There are also a ton of YouTube folks who have great videos who can teach you the basis of the process.

  28. Exactly my thoughts, I just needed someone else’s perspective on this. Thank you!

  29. There are TONS of beginner threads on the sub - just search or look up the discussion/question flair. The last one was a day or two ago. :)

  30. I have played thousands of open mics over the years and NEVER tipped the host. I've also hosted hundreds and never been tipped. Hosts are typically paid/compensated by the venue.

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