1. Was looking for this earlier on - Parkers Automotive in Buckeystown has been good to us, although they do still push a few things you don't need.

  2. Dynamic in Urbana have not charged my wife for several small jobs. They have females in the Lube center too.

  3. Dynamic has been expensive in my experience, but honest.

  4. Are you saying there were… subdivisions about Rush within the music press?

  5. If you have a gig tomorrow, you suck it up and play the gig like a professional. There's no magical solution to feeling better about the people you play with. If thats the last gig, you can re-evaluate afterwards, but you have a responsibility to show up for your band mates and audience. Don't be that guy who leaves people in the lurch.

  6. I've got 9 which is admittedly probably too much, especially considering how often I actually play. 6 electrics, 2 acoustics and 1 bass. Basically the first 5 (4 electrics and 1 acoustic) were all cheapish guitars that I had gotten before I was like 18. After that point I got a MIM Strat and an ovation acoustic and those are my only actually Decent guitars that I own. The last electric i actually built myself. And the bass is one I bought off a friend. So essentially my justification is young dumb me spent all my money on cheap shit and I haven't gotten rid of any of said cheap shit.

  7. Hey man I beg to differ, I'm you're regular ol' bedroom guitarist and I only ever play sitting down. And the secret all the manufacturers don't want you to is the toan is in the plastic

  8. Tone is in the balls my friend. It must be your big balls keeping it from sliding down your lap.

  9. Amazing. He can play the song yet learned nothing about it.

  10. It comes down to the songs, and/or the marketing. You must know this. Taylor Swift writes drivel, but its marketed well (money).

  11. Regardless of your personal opinion, Taylor Swift writes songs that connect with a LOT of people and she's been doing it a long time. She has ALSO been well marketed, and has a TON of money behind her - particularly early in her career - but writing songs that really connected with a demographic that devours new music was a big boost to her early in her career.

  12. Beyond a certain level of talent (which most musicians I hear are above), It's not about your music. It's about numbers.

  13. The midfield is often tighter and the racing more exciting, but I think we'd all rather it were that tight for first place, not 6th or 7th.

  14. If you see the prices fluctuate a lot on one single model your best bet is to average the highest and lowest prices you see and I’d consider that as roughly It’s value. Sometimes people sell really high in sites like reverb but won’t always actually get rid of it

  15. On Reverb, you can also see the "sold" listings, so you can see what things actually sold for, not what they're currently listed for. It filters out the people with silly high prices.

  16. Honestly, I'm still waiting on a reliable, easy way to find people to jam with. There's several apps, forums (including Reddit), and websites out there, but nothing has ever seemed to really take off. Perhaps it's more of a demand issue, wherein not enough musicians care that much, because at the end of the day sending someone a DM to collab is more straightforward than joining an app or subscription service. Idk

  17. Isn't that just musicians on the internet though? I mean... I don't need another service to find people locally, just people who show up when they say they're going to.

  18. Safe from a crime perspective, yes. But watch out for cars -- we have some questionable drivers in this town.

  19. Yes, if it was us, we would also reverse it. Maybe start with food at Oscars, and then head out on the beer-adventure.

  20. Or food half way - tons of great places along the route.

  21. Missing a not or a sarcasm. I'm not sure. I haven't decided yet.

  22. As a lesson and lock the comments??? What are you afraid of? Other community member's opinions?

  23. Criticism is neither good nor evil. What one does with criticism is their business and not within the control of the one criticizing.

  24. Again… what are you on about? If you have some constructive criticism to offer the OP please do so. Neither yours nor the original comment offer any thing helpful for the original video.

  25. If you're moving to Urbana, check out the Urbana runners Facebook group. It's not as active as it was pre-pandemic, but they would organize a lot of local runs. Urbana has a TON of great running and an endless variety of routes.

  26. Middle school teacher checking in, this is 100% typical middle schooler BS except with really really really expensive race cars

  27. Doesn't that pretty much sum up F1? Middle school drama in multi-million dollar cars?

  28. Just a flat tire isn’t a claim, there has to be physical damage to the car other than the tire itself.

  29. If you hit a pothole hard enough to get a flat, there’s likely damage to the rim too. That can be expensive.

  30. I think it might be this one, it's a cheaper guitar (donner strat copy) the whammy that came with the guitar didn't even screw into the bridge, so I plan on either following this advice or replacing the entire thing and getting it set up again

  31. Burrs and sharp edges happen on acoustic guitars much much more often because the saddle is a lot softer. Even then, it takes about a years worth of heavy use (10-15 hours a week) to develop them. No idea how long it would take on an electric, but a lot longer because the saddle is harder and the strings are a lighter gauge.

  32. I love the "Assume voters are stupid" with oh-so-helpful yellow highlight. Otherwise how would voters know which snippets were most important?

  33. It’s almost like they’re assuming their voters are… you know.

  34. I wrote in one of my kids, the other one got a vote for orphan court.

  35. I've consistently gigged with my band for over 20 years in the northeast US. I've played bars, restaurants, weddings, fairs, and private parties.

  36. You bring up an important point - if you might get requests, it REALLY pays to have a tablet for a quick reference for a song you know-ish but don’t know well.

  37. If I were playing with a set playlist, I could see your point. We've always been a "read the room" group. We just call out tunes and jump into them.

  38. I read the room too, but play solo. I swap in and out songs from about 4-5 hours worth of material total. I know a lot but have place in my head for more.

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