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  1. 6 days a week, 2 hours then 1 then 3 then 1 then 2 then 1 hour. I run 5 miles every Sunday. I also jerk off in 2 hour sessions without nutting. Helps build my mental strength.

  2. Answer: Biden's administration has a new Department of Labor rule that allows retirement plan managers to factor environment, social and governance (ESG) issues into investment decisions, which they say "politicizes" the retirement savings for 152 million Americans.

  3. So rich farts who run companies that go against social causes aren't happy and need their republican friends to raise hell about it? I mean just follow the money and who this hurts. Then find who those people send campaign donations to. 2+2= late stage capitalism.

  4. Why does the person complaining look a lot like who he is dating?

  5. I mean if they all had physical liquid billions it would be bad. They have a bunch of made up shares that the stock market puts a value on and that value comes from holding on to those shares. Most of these billionaires wouldn't be if they sold everything that makes them billionaires. We give them that value.

  6. You could do the cinderblock yourself little by little. And if you fill it with concrete after it's built it's basically the same as a concrete wall.

  7. Filling the block wall is what gives it strength, an unfilled block wall is a fence

  8. Even if you anticipate it it will still get in your hair.

  9. Cardio, distance control, counters, keep your hands up.

  10. And at some point someone must have stuck one up their ass to get off. Versatile indeed.

  11. When it comes to regular envelopes I just open. An Amazon package on the other hand I like to read who it's for since I order stuff and so does my wife. And sometimes it's a gift for me.

  12. For this price, I expect it to be delivered within an hour smh

  13. Conservatives always willing to die for the economy and always blaming everything besides the greedy elite.

  14. Just don't tip. A change will come eventually. "The service or product will cost more". Greedy fucks will have to make less profit. The system can change for the better if we make a choice.

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