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  1. I like the sidearm but I like the scout more. On my hunter I melee / shotgun up close so the scout is good for the ones I can’t run up to. Scout has anti-barrier and the ticks from voltshot deal more damage than the sidearm

  2. Using either/or gives the effect, they don't stack because that 12% boost is as fast as Bungie can make us run without bugging out the sprinting animation.

  3. That’s is absolutely a BS excuse. It’s 12 percent for balance reason then they say the animation would look subjectively worse if it were any faster for hype and it worked

  4. It’s not even about technical knowledge. Look at the animation in game that is 12 percent faster. You think 15% is out of the question?

  5. I logged in thru steam but it only found my old PS profile not the current PC one and it didn’t load on mobile.

  6. Started on PS then moved to PC with cross save enabled. I’m on mobile and can’t swipe to view the other tabs and some of the menu is cut off so it could be both profiles were found but the mobile ui can’t choose between them. There was only one profile shown and I couldn’t tap to bring up a dropdown menu or swipe to another or anything

  7. My favorite book series is in the process of having brand new audio versions issued. The Audible price is outrageous, but I was prepared pay it because I don't want sit behind 20 people on a Libby waiting list...

  8. You can sub for a month, redeem your book, then cancel. Every book basically costs $15 or less with credit bundles. The listed costs are insane tho

  9. The end of the season which i think is in 5 weeks is probably a safe bet. The anniversary pack is only around until the end of the year so there will probably be some good sales coming up

  10. Old tower was much more aesthetically pleasing but my main reason for liking it was that it was smaller which means less useless running between vendors and the speaker sold bad ass class items that nothing in Destiny 2 can hold a candle to

  11. They can’t get rid of the tower they haven’t used the ramen shop. I feel they were heavily teasing a ramen themed dlc at the launch of the game with the ramen shop, ramen emote, and ramen banner. I just know something big is brewing there possibly even ramen subclass?

  12. One shot to the head will kill in momentum control. Use oathkeepers and just walk around with the arrow drawn and it’s actually quite good

  13. No time to explain is one of the best if you don’t mind buying the beyond light dlc. You can buy it from the exotic kiosk but it will cost a cipher and ascendant shard. The cipher you can get from xur later today if you finish the xenology quest this weekend. The fastest way to get the ascendant shard would probably be to get crucible rank and claim the reward from shax, or you can buy one from rahool for a ton of legendary shards.

  14. I quite like battle passes. They allow games to remain f2p, while rewarding people for playing more, with no downside. Especially battle passes that allow you to buy the next season's if this one's completed, like in Apex

  15. I don’t really mind most of them. I just don’t care about all the bullshit sprays and keychains to feel like I’m missing out. Putting heroes in the pass would definitely be crossing the line tho

  16. I found it! thanks friend! I was looking in all the wrong places!

  17. Just a heads up for the challenges that make you complete a sever mission with specific elements you can’t use the scythe that is provided in the missions because that counts as solar kills.

  18. I think it’s for flavor. They arrive to “steal treasure”

  19. It’s also reproducible when Solstice comes around, the upward momentum of the EAZ lifts will make your jumps completely die.

  20. I was so confused why the lifts wouldn’t work. It would always send me short of the platform while I had no control

  21. Anti sniper is only so expensive because Izanagis exists. Pretty sure it was expensive like that a year as well.

  22. If I break the shield with Izi does that shot get the bonus damage for the champion being stunned?

  23. If youre drinking boxed wine from the spout it’s easier to take it out of the box and just hold the bag up like an IV. I bet this dude serves it like a sommelier tho

  24. Witherhoard, and erianas vow have similar catalysts objectives, both requiring an absurd amount of playlist completions with any loadout. You may want to pick the vow up after just to get the catalyst going.

  25. You unlock the pattern after beating the witch queen campaign

  26. I expected all the crates were actually props but you have earned an upvote

  27. I think three of them are props and one is real. At least in cod4 you can only clip into them like that if they are props

  28. I’d lose a whole bowl popping those in my mouth off the tray

  29. That would be pure insanity if a perk didn’t stack with a patch note

  30. I had to copy the workshop Id number into the server text file in the game folder. I can’t give exact instructions off the top of my head but if you edit the server file in notepad and ctrl+f search for workshop you should be able to find it or look up better direction online

  31. Can we easily party up with our friends or nah? That’s all I care about.

  32. You just have to connect the two systems with a link cable and scan your Nintendo friend amiibo after mailing a signed waiver. Chat is limited to four emojis tho

  33. You can take the long grind and just dismantle everything in sight. If you have extra logs or axes to get logs you can chop down trees to build log walls. Anything with fancy in the name and double beds give great xp so don’t pass those up while looting, single beds are alright xp too. There is a motel loaded with double beds if you can get in safely I think it was in riverside.

  34. That's okay. I have OCD, which has left me terrified of eating with my hands (even if they're clean)! There's nothing wrong with eating pizza how you prefer, so long as you aren't hurting anyone. 🙂

  35. I shamelessly eat a pizza with a fork and knife while gaming

  36. 7pi radians, for those who like irrational numbers

  37. Roughly .098 football fields in circumferential distance just to put that into perspective

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