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  1. version 4 of the AWS provider changed (split) a lot of things for s3 bucket resources. The latest version 3 provides the deprecation notices for s3 to let you know they will be broken in version 4+. This might not always mean that they are being deprecated in the next release, but eventually, your current TF configuration will break.

  2. A lot of good opinions here. I've had a Mighty and a crafty now for about 2 years. I've only exclusively used the dosing capsules with mine. My main reason is that I don't like to get blitzed so I usually just like taking 1-2 hits multiple times throughout the day. The dosing capsules are great for this because you don't end up wasting a bunch of flower. Dosing capsules fit about .02g of herb. I can easily make one dosing cap last an entire day by temp stepping.

  3. How's the mushroom cake? I've been eyeing it.

  4. Mushroom cake has grown on me. I was a tad underwhelmed at first but it has only gotten better the longer it has set. I would recommend if you're into gmo strains! The only one I wasn't nuts about this last drop was the grape octane. The cherry jungle is 🤌🤌🤌. If you see this one, grab it.

  5. Thanks for the review. Sounds like I might want to try cherry jungle first.

  6. My all-time favorite strain for pain relief! Picked up an oz for ~$170 about a month ago. I highly recommend for pain patients.

  7. I went through Ohiomarijuanacard back in 2019. They're a bit expensive, but it was really easy. Had my recommendation by time I got home. They were one of the only ones available then, with the program still new. Before I said anything, the doctor flat out told me, "only answer yes/no to my questions and this should go fine". She mentioned that people have talked themselves out of a card because they rambled on.

  8. Anyone have issue's with airflow on these carts? The airflow holes are too close to the 510 threads, so my battery covers up the holes.

  9. I think the first area to start, is pushing to have your non-prod environments de-scoped from the CM process. The only time these environments come up in our change management process is when we are filling out the section on how we tested the changes out, before we push to production.

  10. ugh... I'm jealous. We haven't had trainwreck in the Ohio MMJ program in the last few years. Still it remains as one of my favorites, even though I packed on quite a few pounds from the munchies.

  11. Nah, they stopped the $5 footling campaign in like 2013??? Another small run in 2017, then in 2020 they had 2 for $10. All this according to some random site. I haven’t seen a $5 foot long in years and I’ve been looking as it’s one of my morning sickness cravings.

  12. 5....5 dolllar.... 5 dollar foot long...

  13. When you decide to carpool with someone else to a social gathering. Never felt trapped so much in my life.

  14. I've tried the transdermal patches and they've helped me a bit with dull / achy pain from having bulged discs in my neck. Was a nice balance because it only gave me a slight head high, but worked good in the way of relaxation. I always had trouble keeping them on because I would put them directly where the pain was in my neck and it just never adhered good. I have also put then on the top of my feet (where the veins are) as well, which works a bit better to stay in place with your socks on.

  15. I've been looking for a new recipe for some remaining deer meat from last year. Looks like I found a winner. Thanks for the share!

  16. Picked up an oz of Cokoh Afghani for $173 at Terrasana last week. By far, the best strain for pain & inflammation I've had. Nothing to write home about on the presentation, but my sole reason for being in the program was to move away from opiates. I'm not a weed snob, if it gets the job done.

  17. I feel like all Trader Joe products should be able to be recycled into a wacky tobaccy appliance.

  18. Great point… you’re so smart…. Do you wanna maybe get together to have sex sometime?

  19. Very nice! Does the Docker daemon need to be running in order to use this?

  20. yeah - it runs the Trivy in a container which attaches to the daemon to scan the images.

  21. Thanks for the info. I'm trying to find a solution that can run in a serverless environment (fargate) that doesn't have access to the daemon. I've seen a solution that can scan a tarball of the image, but that solution requires root as it performs a chroot into the extracted image. Just wondering if there is another way.

  22. Most likely it's approaching its "Consume By" date.

  23. What vape do you use? I have an arizer solo2 and can easily go through an eighth every five days

  24. My daily driver is the Mighty, I’ll get out the Tetra p90 every now and then. I do a lot of temp stepping.

  25. Oh interesting I’m def going to do some research on those and the dynavap there’s so many options I thought the solo would be good lol

  26. My first vape was the Arizer Air 2. That one had a horrible drag. I have a dynavap also but it kept combusting.

  27. My team manages an Enterprise Vault environment so I might be able to help a bit here. One thing to remember with Vault is the criticality of the data it is housing. If something goes south with your Vault implementation, your company could go down in flames, depending on the level of adoption.

  28. Do you have encryption enabled on the bucket? If so, you'll need KMS permissions as well on the key used. A quick test to see if that is the issue is to disable bucket encryption, then try your command.

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