1. I would like to go to this museum, but I’m sure I would sobbing crying the whole time. It makes me so sad.

  2. I have been to Dachau. It was incredibly difficult being there and knowing what happened. All these years later, you can still feel the hopelessness in the air. It’s not a place I can say I was happy to have gone, but I’m glad that not only did I go, I took my (teenage) children. It was so very moving

  3. I visited there as a teenager. It was sobering, but such an important place to experience. It saddens me deeply that people deny what happened.... Or think it should have gone further.

  4. How long did you have to wait? I am in the same boat, but mine looks like it is moving slower.

  5. Mine was very slow as well. I think some of the TDIU cases end up being held up by the Social Security Admin.

  6. So how many months of back pay did u get with tdiu?

  7. 9 months. Was approved in Oct. I really am torn on this.

  8. I’m so sorry for your loss. DIP, little one. Ferrets grab our hearts like no other.

  9. I’m sorry for your loss too. I have 5 other kiddoes but he was one around my oldest and my youngest. He was bonded to both but my youngest (Darby) has been really depressed the past month since Norman was going through chemo and this past week has just been multiple trips to the vet and overnight stays. Darby doesn’t understand but we’re going to the vet tomorrow so we all can say goodbye. I’ll keep an eye on his appetite. Thank you.

  10. You're welcome! We have another vet visit planned too

  11. You reached out. You want to keep going. Do if you need to talk

  12. Straight and to the point. You get an upvote.

  13. Thank you. We still have to watch out for each other.

  14. I would also send a secure message through the blue button. That way you have a written paper trail. That paper trail will also be a part of your medical records that will be visible to everybody that sees your records

  15. They’ll do 2 requests with 30 day trackers before moving on without it.

  16. Yes - there will be a point where they shrug their shoulders and proceed without it

  17. I currently take 90mg of duloxetine but forgot to mention it bc it’s mostly for my mental health. I also take lithium, and Seroquel.

  18. Understand. It's supposed to help with nerve pain as well. Personally I didn't find any relief from it nor gabapentin, but they do help some people

  19. Yup. Exactly. Complete with weight gain. Good times

  20. I personally am more or less thru with my disability fight with the VA. I’m TDIU, and therefore at home. For me, it helps me to get out of my own head to help other vets as best I can, whether it’s my insight on a claims process, letting them know that they matter, how to navigate the VA healthcare side. Being here is therapy for me but in doing so I help others.

  21. I have herniated disc and doctors mentioned surgery to me, but they also mentioned other options. I quickly refused surgery, and went with physical therapy, injections, etc.That’s odd of the person you heard of getting reduced.

  22. Agreed. My doc said fusion was an option, but I was not on board and neither was he. Still not understanding why their benefits were reduced for refusing surgery. Surgery isn’t necessarily a fix - it can be a band-aid, but cause more problems later on

  23. True on that. If you receive the meds take them as needed. Keep bringing up issue with VA doctor. Eventually, it could lead to better treatment and it will be documented. Then work on secondary service connect Knee. Don't forget the hip is in the middle of all of this. We can concentrate so much on the knee and feel the difference in the back but forget the hip is connected and the arthritis or follows a pattern (due to over compensation of joints). A nexus (relation) for a secondary condition.

  24. I, thankfully, am using community care for both, but yes, hips have been acting up lately. Knees so far have been ok. I was told, many years ago by a podiatrist that I was facing a future of bad knees, bad hip and bad back. As things progress, which they will, I honestly don’t know if I’ll poke the bear or not regarding my disability percentage. I’m already 90%, TDIU. I can’t sit for long periods - back - can’t stand/walk long periods - feet. Getting treated is absolutely a must regardless of percentage but working for me is literally out anyway. Not like I’m going to die of ortho problems, I’m not married, and my children are adults so nobody would receive DIC. I’m tired of fighting with the VA. I don’t know if I have it in me to fight more. My next fight is for SSDI, which I will start on 28 Dec.

  25. I personally have not heard of Trusted Traveler. What I do know is, at my local base anyway, if I have someone that doesn’t have an ID card we have register that person at the visitor’s center. Maybe that’s what you’re referring to?

  26. Yeah, the military has the trusted traveler status where you’re allowed to have a certain number of people with you that don’t have DoD IDs and they don’t have to go through the background check and stuff. They just “trust” you to supervise them on base.

  27. Gotcha. I'm wondering if that's not going to be allowed with the disabled ID card

  28. I recently had a C&P for my back. She asked me to bend forward, 3 times. After the second, when she asked me if would repeat the motion, I said I could but would prefer not to as the previous 2 times had caused pain. (True, btw) Go into it with the mindset that it is your worst day physically. Don’t exaggerate, don’t lie. But everything is based on your worst day

  29. QTC is a contractor that does C&P exams. I have not had a mental health C&P personally, and he/she won’t treat you. They will ask you some tough, hard questions about what you experienced, what your triggers are, and how they affect you. Don’t lie and don’t exaggerate. However, answer questions as though it is your worst day.

  30. An army doc once told me that the reason most people don’t stay in past 20 years is because their bodies are broke. Point is, the military does cause wear and tear on our bodies. Yes - you may feel fine now, but those little things that you brush off now can end being really big things later.

  31. Hate to rain on your parade, but it isn’t easier to get to 100% - it gets harder because of VA math. Quick example is, if you’re at numerical 90%, you need another single 50% rating to make it to 100%. If your numeric rating is 87, you need something even higher.

  32. I understand VA math, have plenty of conditions on the table to get me there, especially after getting 70% on my first claim.

  33. Ok. Good deal. Truly do wish you the best on this aggravating journey

  34. Wait. What? You definitely have a unicorn - a VA doc wrote you a nexus letter. Congratulations

  35. Thanks. He also filled out a DBQ. If that will help. Yeah, I heard somewhere taht the VA Docs are prohibited from the practice of writing these letters and that they can be fired if they do.

  36. According to CCK law, they can, but generally don’t and are discouraged from doing so. You lucked out

  37. Honestly, I’m old. I didn’t have that. I am happy that while it’s being slow-walked, it will happen. It’s a wonderful thing, I was expected to be back at work 6 weeks after giving birth, no lactation rooms, came down on unaccompanied orders to Korea, with a nursing infant that couldn’t be bottle-fed, with doc notes backing it up.

  38. So, are you 100%, P&T? If no then read on.

  39. It is non alcoholic fatty liver disease, which has caused the cirrhosis. IBS is linked to NAFLD

  40. You need to request a second opinion from a CC provider who specializes in gastroenterology. Not only will a community care provider be more willing to write a nexus letter, they’re usually pretty knowledgeable about these things. VA docs rarely write nexus letters. If you ask them point blank about the connection, they will tell you yes or no. If yes, coach them on necessary phrases - more likely than not, causal relationship between IBS and fatty liver disease/cirrhosis. I actually wrote my own nexus letter connecting my feet to my back. My community care doc tweaked it a bit, but it made all the difference in the world. Initially VA denied, did an HLR, was approved, with almost verbatim wording in the nexus letter. Be advised that the doc might charge for the letter, but $50-$100 or whatever the going rate is is money well spent to get that nexus

  41. I have utilized the non-VA ER. My VA is technically local - less than 30 miles. I was in horrendous pain. Called the VA nurse. She told me to go to the closest ER, not the VA. Notified the VA, they did pay. But, I was initially billed for some services because the hospital didn’t bill correctly. It did get fixed

  42. Curious about something as I have those same items rated. Did you have any new medical records that shows the things got worse, or is it just you saying they got worse?

  43. Go to the doc, get it documented it’s getting worse. After that, if there’s nothing else that can be done, then file for an increase. I recently had a C&P for TDIU. She asked when was the last time I’ve been to see my podiatrist. I honestly told her about a year and a half ago. The only option for my feet is another surgery now, and I’m not willing to go that route. Kept my 50% for my feet, got my TDIU awarded

  44. Thank you very much for the explanation. So it wouldn’t come back to bite me in the ass to just cancel it and register again in the future?

  45. Thank you for your help! I just over think to much I believe.

  46. You’re welcome! I think we all have a tendency to do that with the VA

  47. Texas also has free drivers license at 60%, DV plates at 50% (I think), and DV plates gets you some free toll roads, free airport parking, free metered parking, annual renewal is something like $3.

  48. I do get what they’re trying to do. But I personally would rather have nothing than something I need to print out and frame myself. Just my opinion. And not even sure I would want that

  49. True. I was too excited to continue reading after I saw "free plaque"... Less exciting when you realize it's not really a "plaque"

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