Cat Calls: Casual vs Hijab

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  1. Its the idea that she let all those other guys have their fun and now she wants to make YOU wait cus she expects to be taken care of and will play the good girl when shes not

  2. she's still not obligated to sleep with you if she doesn't want to...

  3. Who said she did? Im saying shes lucky to get whatever and its not gonna be a high value man

  4. Thank goodness our American forefathers gave us a way to protect ourselves from a tyrannical government such as this! This is what happens when you become weak and defenseless. This is what the elite shot callers want for all of us. It’s not about COVID. It’s always been about control.

  5. People enslaved for 250 years and suffered thru Jim Crow would like a word

  6. It's funny. In my country women wear hijab but that doesn't stop men from harassing them...

  7. There's statistical proof that Andy does call more varied calls in big games/playoffs, but I think this kind of goes too far.

  8. I believe you but wheres the proof? Id be interested in seeing it

  9. And you're mistaken if you think those 50 likes will be from decent men.

  10. That's quite the list for an 18 year old who probably isn't bringing anything more to the relationship than her looks.

  11. How is this different than most women on dating apps?

  12. I’m guessing RoJo will be active as the 3rd RB and Melvin will take RoJo’s old job as the inactive RB waiting for one of the active guys to get hurt

  13. Really dont like this. Dude fumbles too much. Would rather not risk it

  14. A rare blink of lucidity among the left community

  15. I'm pretty sure a lot of this sub only (secretly) dislikes Antifa

  16. I guess that overrides you being white and Republican

  17. My wife straight up admitted settling with me when she told me that of the two profiles she was looking at (mine and someone else) she chose the other one first then 7 months later once that crashed and burned chose me. This was in the infancy of online dating, when msn messenger was still a thing.

  18. Even without Stafford and Cupp, the Rams were going to bring it. It would’ve been easy to look past this game. And the Rams kept it as close as possible.

  19. The Chiefs always play down to their opponent. Its maddening!

  20. It wasn't a pretty game, especially with the red zone offense and special teams. We left plenty of points on the board. But we got the win which is important to have that resilience when you're having an off day by your standards.

  21. Chiefs LOVE playing down to their opponent. Its maddening!

  22. Ciara is GOING to leave him when the money runs out and she can take HALF. Do a remindme in 10 years or whatever and you'll see its true!

  23. Seriously! I wanted to take a poll of when Ciara is gonna leave him. I think its gonna be when the guaranteed money runs out and she can take half!

  24. I like Skyy Moore the receiver a lot more than Skyy Moore the returner

  25. Thats almost a nonexistent bar for punt returning dude

  26. What the absolute fuck is that playcalling? Dudes just standing still in the endzone?

  27. He tries to force it to Kelce. He had a wide open guy in the back the previous play

  28. Fucking infuriating. I keep calling for Spags head but no one ever listens!

  29. Though libertarian conservative, I think a strong argument can be made for not allowing any one person to own more than a certain amount of land.

  30. Went through your profile and it’s apparent you have a fetish. I hope he’s more than that to you

  31. People can have preferences need to virtue signal

  32. Giving up that 2nd for Claypool was DISASTROUS

  33. Or, hear me out..He was never that good in the first place

  34. This kind of reminds me of an episode of House when they discovered a certain patient was more than they appeared to be, and that explained how they had a seemingly impossible medical condition. The world of medical investigation is quite fascinating for all the surprises one can find in it, even if dramatized for a fictional TV show.

  35. Thanks for explaining what the plot was actually about

  36. Reddit, the most left wing place on the internet? They would probably blame it on their poor upbringings

  37. What would you blame it on? DNA and inherent savagery right?

  38. Legal protections and benefits I guess. Just make sure you’re in a reasonable legal region and have a fabulous prenup

  39. Legal protections for women mostly. This is critical because her "protection" is your loss and financial destruction

  40. Ehhhhhhh yes but there are other benefits that do help men. You are likely to file in a lower tax bracket if you go joint, you have access to a second Roth, better charitable donation standards, easier estate protection upon death, and so on.

  41. Something like half of all prenups get thrown out. Why even bother destroying your life for minimal sex and constant pressure to take care of everyone, especially your wife who'll leave the first chance some other man gives her the tingles.

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