1. That's what I thought. Exact same staff

  2. Is that the weapon of that damn new overwatch tank? Lmao

  3. There's no way peter isn't winning this

  4. The upgraded suit easily takes it. That black and red with the white spider just works.

  5. I feel like everyones forgetting we asked for this, the recoil change happened after everyone on reddit was bitching and moaning about 0 recoil being shit to play with. Now everyone’s complaining that the recoil is too much, do you really want to go back to M4’s shooting perfectly accurate at 100+m on full auto?

  6. Realistic recoil is fine, this however, idk if i'd even call it recoil

  7. IH shop is easy: everything except Galba Squad (and maybe Meduson) is trash, but that's just how IH are nowadays, sadly.

  8. Iron hands getting ignored. Lore accurate

  9. Except you’re exaggerating the hell out of a weak argument. Han’s DL-44 had a lot more greeblys on it than just the scope (the flared barrel shroud alone made it look nothing like a Mauser, and there was more detailing on top of that).

  10. Nah, yours is the weak ass argument lmao. Did you even read it before you sent it? Every ot star wars blaster is EXTREMELY recognizable. Not to mention that the film came out not so long after ww2. Hell, some weren't even modified at all.

  11. Stormfront is prob Homelander's Mother.

  12. He was a testube baby. Soldier boy did beat his meat into a cup afterall

  13. Yes, but that still needed female input, heavily suspected of being Stormfront.

  14. Well idk. It'd be extremely funny/messed up if it turned out to be true though

  15. One of the worst authors in the Black Library stable. He's previously written some absolute drivel, including Devastation of Baal and Eternal Crusader.

  16. You really named Devestation of Baal as if it's a bad book lmao

  17. Yeah definitely. I wasn't making any real point with my above comment I was just being inflammatory and annoying.

  18. On pc blink kick only works on enemies that are alerted sadly. As far as I know it's different on console for some reason.

  19. Wait really? So consol players can't do blink assassinations or is there a specific input for blink kick?

  20. Idk, I don't have a console, it's just what a console player told me on a similiar post. I'd assume they still can

  21. The jury is still out on what's up with captain Titus

  22. Konrad was a monster, but he was right. The nostraman nobles completely skewed the recruitment process and filled his ranks with murderers and rapists - which curze himself was disgusted by

  23. Yeah soul of ??? Should go, without blast resistance it’s too danegrous to use

  24. It really isn't. The bombs are entirely predictable, this might be a personal skill issue

  25. I guess the placement of other runes is kinda interesting, even if the number 1 is already known

  26. Soul of isaac, eden and perthro are arguably better imho.

  27. Too much humour in scenes where it’s not needed? Humiliating iconic heroes? Virtue signaling?

  28. Tell my you haven't actually seen a marvel movie and just hating it because it's trendy now without telling me you haven't actually seen a marvel and you're just hating on it because it's trendy now.

  29. Idk man that’s what I experienced watching Love & Thunder. Watched the old movies when I was younger like Thor and Iron Man, great movies.

  30. Ehh, the first thor is pretty boring overall. Ironman 1 is great though.

  31. More COVID vaccines than anything else is the root cause. Ever since I got my vax I started showing every symptom of low testosterone.

  32. God, there's nothing funnier than conspiracy theorist nutjobs.

  33. Yep, you are mistaken. It's clear as fucking day that it was self defense. Can't accept that though, noo that would hurty the brainy too much

  34. not key bum and well bomb bum since it can't be killed

  35. Does it increase deal chance when he dies?

  36. Lol, england fans. As always, Great Britain is the USA of Europe

  37. It's the other way around. The Us is the England of America.

  38. American people are literally british people with an attitude

  39. This is even more satisfying than it would be normally as these asshats were throwing paper airplanes at the American goal and chanting "9/11"

  40. Never happened, stop falling for fake media attention seeking and use your brain

  41. Uranus. Yeah Terra has good utility but it's not gonna beat out the cool factor and damage potential of the ice tears. Not to mention it stops on death effects.

  42. You have the personality of twitter. This really isn't the clapback you think it is.

  43. What kinda games are you playing? Maybe try fifferent genres, different time periods. Some indie games. Get out of your comfort zone. Playing a single game continously is the easiest way to burn out, switch it up a bit even in a single session.

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