1. I've seen a few warrants and enlisted own very nice RVs and live in a local RV area where you can just pay for the space and such. If you're comfortable enough to live in a camper with kids (I think your crazy, guess it depends on age) do it.

  2. Could you tell me how you looked up the class info? I’m deployed and can’t get any help from anyone at home. I will need to explain it to someone with access to ATRRS.

  3. When you log into ATRRS (with a role that has admin rights) you will have a yellow bar across the top.

  4. Looks just like mine and I'm with you. I've dabbled with 35s and new rims but then I have to lift or level it to not get them to rub. Then I step back and look at it and I like the way it looks.

  5. We all know everything about this is a terrible idea, and yet we'll never talk OP out of it.

  6. Yup, that's because it's still going to be a lesson learned. Some can get talked to and be like "cool that makes sense" others get advice 10 different ways and still think "Nah, I'll be good". Either way he gonna learn.

  7. I had something like this. They just scan it, they didn't ask to hold it.

  8. Awesome, my Trans is still on the floor in the garage. Haven't had time or help to slide it back in and finish that clutch job to drive it around again.

  9. Did you wrap at all during the cook or just when you let it rest?

  10. No wrap! Only when resting I wrapped with some tallow and butcher paper. Ended up lining the tray it was on in foil, but didn't really wrap. Just to keep drippings in.

  11. Gonna give this technique a go this weekend. I usually wrap at stall and then carry that over for a few hours in the oven to rest. Lowest mine goes is 180°F though. It's good, but I want better lol.

  12. I call BS on this. I've seen DFAC food, it's bad but not this bad.

  13. Yeah. It’s not bad. However, sometimes I have the palate of a toddler

  14. What's funny is I was gonna say this is what my toddler would pick. Lol.

  15. I seen it, thanks for that bro….I just need to know a no shit date man. I have a waiver waiting to be approved but if the class date is super far out I want to try another school while I wait lol

  16. Do it. Try for another school. They might go into ATRRS and see you are slotted for it and schedule you accordingly.

  17. I also don’t want to get overlooked either so no no I’ll wait lol you know how the army is 🤣…how do you tell who is scheduled for each class ? You can’t see that on ATTRs can you

  18. You can see any class roster in ATRRS as long as you put in the admin info for the class you want to see. You also may need to have admin rights.

  19. When you move out of college, make sure you get an apartment where you have your own washer and drier. Nothing worse than having to sit at a laundromat with a pocket full of change guarding your clothes because people suck

  20. Yeesh yeah. It would be hard to make a habit out of leaving every week to go wash your clothes.

  21. It sucks. It was something I learned the hard way when I left to another state for college and as soon as I could move into an apt that had em or an apt complex that offered em for even a little extra a month it was worth the hassle.

  22. I have 1 and still haven't heard shit 9 July is a good start date.

  23. Not sure I understand what's going on.

  24. Thank you My brigade chief s1 (ocs representative) told me that I had a go in the interview

  25. I didn't get a no-go. I've been selected, just waiting on them to approve my medical waiver.

  26. My favorite is being told “we can’t give you your assignment because of the IPPSA changeover”

  27. You're right, they know. They just don't wanna tell you. They're waiting for IPPS-A to push the assignments and auto-pend the soldiers. Once that happens you can get finalized on your assignment.

  28. Don't suck on your interview and make sure to write a good "why I want to be an officer" essay.

  29. It's an LS. It can take it. Run that gasket and next time don't use a knife to open it.

  30. My advice (and what I think it is) is that it's cold in the garage and when you go back to paint it, it reflashes, and then it wrinkles up.

  31. Do you have a dedicated fridge to age them or just put them in the main fridge?

  32. Just in my regular fridge and it works fine for me.

  33. Nice. I'll have to give it another go. Its been a while.

  34. 3k in parts overnighted from japan?

  35. I've been in a holding area waiting for orders since beginning of December

  36. Talk to your local MPD and have them reach out to branch. The orders are in the system and branch managers can send what they see to MPDs. If the orders aren't in the system the division leaders for that branch are tasked with weekly updates to get assignments built and put Soldiers on orders.

  37. Take a stab at this if you wanna do it yourself and not have to deal with insurance.

  38. Thank you for takingthe time to respond. I'll be moving to a state that does need emissions in a few months. If it was a track car I wouldn't keep the cat. For now I'll be keeping the cat.

  39. Ah, that explains it. Best of luck....

  40. Garrison is ass. I couldn't wait to leave my last unit and get stateside. Now I regret it. Send me back overseas where there's a mission that overrides all other bullshit. I can't even turn on my fucking radar here.

  41. Yup, spot on. Loved Korea. Had a purpose there.

  42. As a mechanic, whether field, garrison, or deployed, the hours are always long.

  43. Yeah, your job sucks. Way overworked, underpaid, and underappreciated.

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