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  1. Got downvoted hard about 6 months ago for saying wealthsimple is the Canadian RH but hopefully people see this along with their PFOF and get out of there.

  2. I’d say try building a few simple 3 or 4 string cigar box guitars first. You can build em super cheap and slowly ease into fret work and simple soldering and basic scale layout. Also super fun to play !

  3. It’s NOT Wes Christian‘s software: it is ShareIntel’s software. Which David Wenger started.

  4. Yes you are correct . I’ll edit it to say Wes is working with this new software. Thanks

  5. They don't wanna know what's under the tip of the ice berg.. we on top of the world at sea level!

  6. Some good stuff in there eh! I hope this gains some traction and doesn’t get taken down. Interested to hear what others think!

  7. Got em Wes ! I’m a fan ever since “In Texas we call that stealing!” Some gold in this recording saying he’s got software to identify short sales!

  8. My parents did not listen to them at all growing up but I’ve listened to them with friends for a long time and I’ve recently been listening to whole concerts and getting more into them too :) it’s awesome!

  9. There were never the massive shorts and imaginary synthetic shares you guys imagined. Thats what happened there's nothing more to it.

  10. I called Questrade today and they said they could still DRS my MMTLP shares and emailed me the paperwork to do so.

  11. I’m also on Questrade and can place limit orders of any price. Don’t think it means anything

  12. Yeah they are just in the queue not accepted yet.. placed a bunch too and usually it’s at 8am you’ll see if they are accepted or not.

  13. Putting a close-out date. If there were more shorts than people willing to sell, it is impossible to settle the shares, even if the short sellers were to go bankrupt and pay everything they own, it would still be impossible to settle.

  14. So you’re kind of saying that a small 165 million OTC dividend/stock was about to infinity squeeze so FINRA had to whip out the rare old code U3 halt to prevent a financial meltdown? How big you talking exactly? What would’ve gone down you think?

  15. Quest trade. Not accepted orders yet but in the queue.. which you couldn’t even do on Friday so either something has changed or it’s just the weekend and they’ll all get cancelled 8am Monday again. We’ll see!

  16. I can second this and have done the same. 👍🏻

  17. Thirding this. My orders are back in que also but set a bit higher then before.

  18. Is there like a report that FINRA or the SEC are going to release about what exactly is the issue that they needed to use this halt trading code reserved for extraordinary circumstances? Do investors not have a right to know why? Even it’s a bullshit response I’d like to know why this halt has placed. Too much too ask of our supposed regulatory agency?

  19. I’ll paraphrase the report. HF: hey Finra, you and the DTCC changing the wording from cancelling to Deleting completely fucks us. We will go bankrupt before noon on the 9th and then the insurers will be forced to payout the remain balance on all the shares we shorted and profited from. Just don’t tell anyone we sent our profits off shore and we’ll give you a pay off to shut down trading using 6440a3… Finra: cool bro, wanna play beer pong on Saturday?

  20. Haha yes! I did alright on this play but I do have more then I like going in NB. That being said I’m really excited for next week to hear all the fall out stories from every side. Going to be an entertaining shit show can’t wait !

  21. Wouldn’t the short positions in this company get rolled into the new company?

  22. It’s a private company so no they aren’t supposed to be able to.

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