1. we got 2 of each type in and they were gone within an hour 😭

  2. Ours sold out 2 minutes after opening :/ a reseller and her friend bought all 4 unfortunately

  3. It's a gdi engine, they all make this noise. What you're hearing is the high pressure fuel pump. Maybe the cover came off or loose so you could be hearing it more tho I doubt it.

  4. You can have the dealer confirm it. A diagnosis should be free since you're still under warranty. Doing so would have you feeling more reassured.

  5. Good point. I'll ask when I go in for maintenance soon. Thanks again!

  6. my store hasn’t said a word about this so thank u!!! maybe i can actually afford to go to therapy with my insurance now

  7. Word of caution: I have bcbs through my mom so admittedly the type of coverage may be different. But when I was attending therapy I had to stop because while the initial appointments were very cheap, the fact that we didn't reach a certain deductible for the year ended up with us being charged $300. The therapy was so helpful and I recommend going for anyone, I just wanted to say keep an eye out for things like deductibles whenever you go. Best of luck to you :)

  8. Said a drive up code over the radio one time when I was new, talked with but not actually punished.

  9. I hear drive up codes over the walkie all the time when I'm working, multiple times a shift. Is it something you're not supposed to say over the radio?

  10. Yeah OP, you gotta tell us more about your store. Anything you know and/or feel like sharing.

  11. The setup looks similar to the targets I went to when I visited portland and seattle- no checklanes just a lot of sco. I want to say both were small format. It really was quite different from the huge box I'm used to working in here in Texas, though I will say we have around 9 self checkout machines at my store.

  12. Reading these replies makes me feel like winging my video interview while mildly tipsy was not the right thing to do... They liked my responses though!

  13. Dude...the new plastic one in the middle is new for certain stores. They updated it and it's "fancier"

  14. My local target had the bulky plastic carts a few years ago and they seemed nice for the time they were there but I guess they didn't want them anymore because they have the regular carts now. Not entirely sure why, I always thought those carts pushed smoother than the newer ones

  15. Unfortunately that's just the Kohl's way :/ and on a broader scale it's something that you see a lot in retail environments- especially in the last couple of years- since a lot of places are so short staffed. I used to train new hires in wjm and while I tried to teach them everything I could, there's only so much I could do in one or two 4 hour shifts while also having to respond to backup or clean the fitting room. I definitely couldn't teach them everything, so I stressed that I was there if they had any questions. I understand how stressful it can be to navigate this new territory, but you're not alone. Don't be afraid to ask questions! If you're shy about using the walkie you can always find someone and ask them. Even the most unfriendly person will likely be willing to help you because we've all been in your position before.

  16. i do wear red it’s just my fuzzy sweater isn’t red it’s cream but my red is always showing but my store is cold

  17. They told me on my first day that the black cardigan I was wearing wasn't appropriate even though the shirt I was wearing was red. As long as the top layer is red, you can wear something else underneath. I ended up buying a red cardigan and flannel from another store since they were cheap and they're staples in my work wardrobe

  18. Our curbside added basketball shorts to the list of what curbies could wear this summer. They're company issued and you have to get them through our admin but they are part of the dress code for curbies.

  19. I recently took over a shoe department at my store and while I’m still working through my own expectations, here are my initial thoughts.

  20. Thank you so much for taking the time to share these amazing tips with me! These definitely are things I'm going to start doing, especially in regards to zoning. They helped me reimagine the way we currently have shoes as well. Thank you again, I really appreciate it!

  21. It's okay! I was a bit confused at first lol. I didn't know if there was a company best practice on things like that or not but I will definitely partner with someone when I go in next. Thank you! And yes, I definitely think I'm gonna need one. I've been told a few times already that I'm gonna hate the shoe department and I'm a bit worried.

  22. I used to buy my clothes from target all the time when they still had xhilaration and merona. I had so many cute xhilaration dresses and even though I still have a few of them they don't fit the way they did 7+ years ago lol. I feel like their selection now is a bit lackluster, wild fable has cute stuff sometimes but it's all very trend based. A new day is probably the closest to what I consider my style but it's a bit dressier than what I'd normally wear. I don't really pay much attention to the other brands honestly. I'd be so happy if they brought the old brands back

  23. I feel like I just read my own words lol, yesterday was my last day at Kohl's and October would have made 4 years with the company. It was sad to go because i really did grow and learn a lot there and I feel like it's part of my identity in a sense, but a lot of the people that made it a fun place to work have left and have been replaced with really toxic people that have made going to work miserable. My manager tried to keep me onboard with different offers, but the thought of working with who we have now just makes me so uncomfortable that it wasn't even about the money anymore at that point. I know a lot of the more tenured people are leaving too, so I hope that us all leaving at once makes a point.

  24. From what I've seen with my store, the interview times you schedule online don't always match up with the times the manager is in the store doing interviews. For example, my admin told an applicant the other day not to schedule an interview over the weekend because our manager wouldn't be there, yet the option was still online. And idk if other sm's are anything like mine, but she gets insanely distracted on the sales floor and never calls people on time for their interviews, they often call us asking what happened. It's a bit of a mess honestly

  25. I would also like to hop on this train- 1 ticket, 2 if available :)

  26. I thought I had a noise on the passenger side but it was just a bottle/can rattling against the center cup holder.

  27. This did make me remember that there are a lot of spaces in the car for things to get stuck, so it's worth me taking a thorough look. Thank you!

  28. Door panels aren't really that hard to remove. Looks like there's two screws and the rest just pulls off. Can you or anyone you know pull the door panel? Otherwise you're probably paying $100+ for a diagnosis and then what ever they want to charge for the fix..

  29. Hi! I'm pretty sure I could remove the panel and I know some car savvy people who could help if I can't do it myself. From the video it looks pretty simple. I'll probably end up doing this before I decide to take it in. Thank you so much for the link and the suggestion!

  30. I agree, but the lady trying to shame her back is not helping anything. You gotta stay calm. You can't reason with this kind of sickness.

  31. I agree with this, the lady recording was frustrating me because she kept trying to get her attention and to get her riled up again. It wasn't really fair to the workers at the store who were trying to de-escalate the situation either since her taunts just kept her going.

  32. In the nearly 4 years I've worked at Kohl's we've almost always had just the misses side open. We never have enough cashiers for both sides, as it is we barely have enough for one side lol

  33. In my store inventory day is a blackout day but everything else is fair game. Associates at my store are being denied their time off requests quite a bit lately, and it would seem from reading the comments it's happening at other stores too.

  34. None for spring/summer with Mother's Day, Memorial Day and Father's Day along with summer/autumn for Independence Day and back to school?

  35. In past years it usually starts in the late summer around august. I know my store is still hiring year round until we have enough people to function correctly; I'm sure lots of other stores are in the same boat.

  36. Our curbside manager told us it was due to the start of a new financial period, so they're trying for us to get even more work done while scheduling less people and using less payroll

  37. Made this mistake a couple days ago while backing up Amazon. Luckily the lady returning her basket full of stuff next to my customer told us if you call Amazon they'll extend your return window. I guess it was a good learning experience, now I know what to do when that happens.

  38. So, like…what if someone wanted one of those cars? Is it possible to end up owning one of the cars from this graveyard?

  39. iirc you'd end up responsible for the rest of the debt if you wanted one of the cars

  40. Also, there should be someone there this week to help you out. At a MINIMUM, there are 2 people to do overnight drug.

  41. If you have a keycard to get back in…sure. Take a 15 outside.

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