1. "Heeey... It's Janice 🤬😠😤"

  2. Haha! I pictured Chandler saying this and cringing at the same time

  3. He did say it. Episode of the blind date where the blind date is Janice and where Joey leaves with his date and Chandler has his credit card lol.

  4. Yeah, that’s exactly what I was referring to. LoL

  5. Being excited to go to my English teacher’s class so I could look at her ass while she writes on a white board

  6. I have the same or similar tank for my betta, they can see their reflection so they puff up cuz they think it’s another male

  7. When you said two Costco chickens, why did literal live chickens pop in my head?

  8. Doesn’t look like it. Maybe a mix of Jack Russell

  9. Love it!!! I also spotted this a long time ago (way before Reddit). Glad you found this hidden gem

  10. I used to have to wear the long rubber gloves that go all the way past my elbows (I had a 55 gal)

  11. Oh yeah, forgot that detail. 40,000

  12. Yes, I got my ex back after no contact. It took a month and a half but by no means was I completely happy on my own. I was miserable and couldn’t continue the NC. But I knew my ex loved me still because we had a connection like no other. I was “finding” myself during NC, doing my own thing. Meeting new people, getting into new hobbies, and just taking care of myself, worrying about myself and no one else. The relationship is much better now. We needed that break up.

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