1. Yeah it could be either sasuke / code / toneri but I would like to add one more " kashin koji " as we know he is not dead and he also have highly education about otsutsuki and he is also jiraiya's clone

  2. I don't think so she gives a fuck ....... In manga we have seen she never tells others coordinates unless someone asked ..... And also she know she did wrong to boruto unknowingly ( as momoshiki said that she can't control her power ) .... I think she will feel guilty for what she did ( as she said to kawaki don't say things like this about your brother ) ... I think she is not evil .. just doing what comes into her interests

  3. Nice vai pata nahi sab kyu science wo ki gaand me ghuse rehte hai hume koi puchta hi nahi🥲

  4. bhai kyuki tough subject ke naam pe tumhare pass sirf maths hoti hai aur phir bhi tum randi rona karte ho .....

  5. tough subjects ki baat ho rahi hai ....

  6. I'm seeing the memes and all about Kawaki and Boruto changing lives , but keep in mind that in the future in time skip , Kawaki talking to Boruto normally and calling Naruto as "seventh" and saying that he killed Naruto , or sent him somewhere.

  7. every jutsu has a weakness .... i.e i think this rewriting of past jutsu of eida dont work on otsutsuki .. so i think kawaki , boruto and code knows the truth .... and i think in future sasuke will also understand { just like the love jutsu doesnt work on sarada and sumire } and then most probably sasuke will teach boruto in timeskip while staying away from village....

  8. post dekh ke lag raha english teri 3rd language logi

  9. aisa glow up to mai bhi deserve karta hu

  10. Fr bhai. Laude ki unity nhi hai. Aur duniya bhar ka colourism and reglionalism hai

  11. bruhh...... means in the name of artistic freedom , the author can switch whole persona of the god ... then in the name of artistic freedom i can show buddha gay and sucking dicks of other gods

  12. didnt understand what you said but mai jab bhi apni school time ki memories yaad karta hu tab hamesha saari memories mughe cctv ke pov me dikti hai { jaise ke mai class me baitha hu aur mai apni memories classrom ke top corner se dekh raha hu } dont know why ... never discussed this with anyone but i think its pretty common

  13. I think Rajasthani are pedos(child marriage) but Haryanvi have very low female male ratio so we can synchronise the chronology .

  14. abe maccher ki jhaat .. rajasthani are not pedos [ vo peacefull religion wale hai ] ....rajasthan me child marriage me dono teenage ya 9-10 saal ke baache hote hai .... mohammad aur aisha wala scene rajasthan me nai chalta .... agar stereotype karna bhi hai to kam se kam sahi stertype karo ... sahi hai behenchod rajasthani ko muslimo ka stereotype de dia

  15. agar koi adult chotte bachoo se attract hota hai to use pedo kehte hai ...

  16. abbhi code arc shuru hui hai isslia shayad log dekh rahe honge .. but bro boruto ki manga tagdi chal rahi hai

  17. if someone have to change the lane [ u turn ] ???

  18. Bacho ko achi collage dala hai gehne girwi rakhwa ke paka man laga ke padh raha hoga

  19. extra curricular activities ma chudae

  20. Well islamic terrorists burned 60 people alive and then took to the street. When hindus fought back modi ordered police to shoot and kill 250 hindus. That's why he's called a butcher.

  21. Guys I am really confused .. some are saying that modi encouraged Hindus to kill muslims due to terrorist attack while you are saying that modi ordered police to shoot and kill 250 Hindus ...was heon Hindus side or muslims side ??? Plz clarify

  22. It's been proven in supreme court that modi is innocent in 2002 riots that means according to judiciary it's a fake news

  23. Beacuse the show is called bortuo not Naruto. Nerfing every character a lot 🤡

  24. And in boruto's manga ... Sasuke is goona dies in upcoming 2 or 3 chapter so.. yeah ..they needed them alot

  25. Everybody has got the right to choose their own idols. If Virat likes Ronaldo then it's his own choice. It's his own insta account and it's his own will to post anything on his insta story.

  26. When I say that ronaldo is 2nd greatest player that doesn't mean ' i don't like him enough ' or ' hate him '. But I am stating this statement because of some facts :- like balloon dors , golden boots , worldcup , goal contribution , G/A ratio etc .....statistically messi is better .. and when I say that messi is no.1 ..it doesn't mean that I am hating Ronaldo .... And plz don't play the opinion game ... That in your opinion Ronaldo is better ...... If that's the case then in my opinion chahal is greatest batsman in history of cricket ( you have to respect my opinion 🤡)

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