1. Your soil needs perlite. It's way too overwater. Let it dry.. That pot looks small. It doesn't need 1 gallon of water everyday. Once a week in those pots should be fine. Overwatering will cause lockout and deficiencies. Next time you water, make sure your soil is dry. You can check by lifting up the pot. If it's light, it needs water. Water until you see run off at the bottom. Hopefully, your plant bounces back. I also suggest leaving a notebook at your tent to keep note of when, what, and how much you're feeding your plants.

  2. Those hole in the top are gonna be a prob during flower pin sized holes are hermi makers

  3. I don't use this anymore. However, the plant I grew in there did not herm.

  4. You can easily do it on this can and should, cobs get very hot, too hot for inside a build. I didn't see a porting flow through vent system, make sure you have air coming in at the bottom and porting out the top. If you don't have it, the clip-on recirculation fan will turn the can into a convection oven. Pull some temps...

  5. Thanks for the advice. I'll get on it in a few. Ive been keeping an eye on the temps and luckily, this cob hasn't gotten too hot. It's actually cool inside.

  6. You're going to need nutrients. It barely have anything. You may not need it for the first few weeks but you will definitely need it later throughout the grow.

  7. I reserved in January and got pushed into Q4. Originally in Q2, then moved to Q3. Gonna start losing interest soon

  8. I always grow in small pots but I've been attack in other groups to grow in bigger pots. Those who grow in smaller pots don't know what they're doing.

  9. I’m not sure why you’re been downvoted, you’re quoting what others say right?

  10. Yes. I posted my grow a few months back and got ridiculed for using a small pot. There's people in this group who thinks their way of growing is the right way and everyone should follow it

  11. What size pot are you growing in? I have one in 2 gallons of soil using the same fertilizer and it's about 40 days old right now. how often are you topdressing the gia green? Are you using any microbes like recharge? I planned to topdress every 3 weeks but that may be a bit too much. It's nice to see pics of it since there aren't a lot of them around.

  12. Thank you for this. This is a 3 gallon pot. As for recharge, I have not used any but I will now that you mentioned it. I made a lot of mistakes in the past so I just let this one do it's thing. In the beginning, I fed her every 3 weeks. Then every 2 weeks. Lately, I've been busy with work and forget to write down when I feed her so it's been every week. I was afraid to cut some leaves thinking I'll ruin the grow. I actually broke the top cola so idk if that stunted the growth or if this the tallest it gets. Thanks for the estimate. I figured it'll be about the same.

  13. With organic growing like you're doing you want to use your gaia green, and then every 10 days or so you need to replenish the microbes (recharge or rootwise are good products for this). The microbes make the fertilizer available to your plant and help keep the soil pH balanced. If you have healthy microbial soil you can even slack off on your ph-ing and the soil will make up for it. I would definitely look into it for your next run.

  14. You can grow anything in this! Not just an auto. Head over to

  15. Thank you. This the type of comment I'm looking for. I've been following that group for some time but didn't think to post in there. Next time I will. Thanks for this

  16. I did a simple overlap of the doors tape a piece of cardboard to inside of one of the doors wider than the doors boom one overlap makensurenyou shut that door first . Been working over a year for me but I screwed a thin piece of wood to inside of door

  17. I thought of that at first but scratch the idea thinking it won't work. I'll do that, thank you

  18. The shape of this is hilarious. I love this set up! Quick question. Where did you get the hook from for the fan?

  19. It's 80l. Would it need lining on the inside?

  20. 80l? That's not bad at all. This will work perfectly. Trying to line it up with mylar is going to be tough, though. Maybe consider painting it.

  21. I've spray painted it white on the inside. Would mylar or aluminium foil provide a significant light improvement?

  22. Mylar, yes. Don't use aluminum foil. I've seen posts and videos online that the aluminum foil affects the plants in a negative way

  23. Why be part of the space bucket sub?

  24. And that's part of what upsets me, I had no heads up that this was even a possibility.

  25. Request to see what your coach written in your packet. And if that airport has primary managers, go above the tsm. Good luck.

  26. Don’t listen to this dude. He doesn’t know shit. Ask your manager why you are being considered for removal. You have a right to know.

  27. They literally said it was reported. So someone made a comment and that's why they are being removed. Its common sense. But you're so stupid, you can't read between the lines. You just made a comment gloating they are getting fired, now you want to help. Gtfoh, reject

  28. I have the blumat. It works great. But what you have here looks even better. Something like this would work great for short ppl like me growing in 45gal garbage bins. I'm thinking of making something just like yours. Thanks for this post

  29. This looks great! I plan on making another space bucket grow. This time with the 45 gal wheel tote. Saw a nice set up in the spacebucket forum just like yours.

  30. Exactly I'm on my first grow and almost threw them all away but decided I would use them as experiments. They really came around and one is out growing my tent.

  31. I second that. Almost threw out 2 plants earlier this year because I received a bad batch of fox farm nutrients. I flush them out and just left them. 2 days later, they spring back up like nothing happen. Sometimes they just need some water and left alone.

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