1. giving me ptsd. spent so much time jumping on that barrel. only learned much later how easy it actually is when doing it right.

  2. Trying to unlock an ancient memory here... is the trick to use the d-pad?

  3. I drive a 2014 FIAT, and half the reason I chose it over the next year's model they tried to sell me was display. I much prefer the nice amber led display. It's pleasant, consistent, responsive, uncomplicated.

  4. Why is the horn a little button? I can't see any reason why they had to move it.

  5. Absolutely. One the most reliable signs that I'm in prodrome is the persistent images getting stronger and lasting longer.

  6. Or if the baby, already a person apparently, through its actions (being born) causes the death of the mother, is the baby then not guilty of manslaughter?

  7. The baby doesn't have much agency, so surely they will lock up the legislators who made a baby kill its mother, right?

  8. Nope. There’s plenty of other capable off road vehicles that are not monsters like this. This is the type of crap that would be trapped on narrow bush paths because it literally cannot fit, so not really capable. The blind spots just mean it’s 100% unsuitable for built up areas.

  9. That was my first thought. I've lived on narrow unsealed bush roads. If one of my neighbours had a vehicle like this they would get strong words from everyone who has to share the track with them.

  10. I ride at this park outside the city and I do know I’m going to see people with dogs there. If you aren’t paying attention to the area around you and you’ve got your animal on a 16 ft retractable lead… you’re an asshole. I don’t care. I almost got beheaded/hung up by a guy walking his lab with not a care in the world and I had to swerve off the trail. It’s not the first time and it’s why I call out.

  11. Half my commute is mixed use bike paths and parks, so I encounter clothesline dog leads almost every time. Usually with their face buried in a phone.

  12. Will they permanently bar me from recieving medication if i mess up/am honest with them about usage? I'll be fine going off it for a few weeks I think, as I have been doing well limiting myself and am not even missing it THAT much, but I am worried about not getting help just because it happened to still be in my system when I do the test, or because I accidentally say something im not supposed to.

  13. Every state is different, and different diagnosing professionals will approach this differently. If you haven't already, try asking in

  14. I saw this happen while watching Pan's Labyrinth.

  15. Nah, this is in a different state with a far less corrupt state government.

  16. Less corrupt, but for some reason loggers still get away with a lot and are apparently immune from accountability.

  17. “There is something very special about a white party”

  18. There was a recent one here, too. On the way to this year's bike rave I got caught up in a crowd of thousands in white carrying picnic hampers. It gave me proper cult vibes.

  19. Just going from my own injuries and those of people I know, EUC accidents happen often but the injuries tend to be far less severe than other vehicles.

  20. I'm 100% convinced at this point that NTs are more mentally fked up than NDs

  21. It's a matter of perspective, but one thing I've doing to make sense of my recent diagnosis is imagine if neurotypicals were the exception. They might be considered a bit dimwitted because they don't have deep interests. Emotionally unstable because they read too much into subtle social cues. Developmentally deficient because of a lack of sensory awareness.

  22. Welp when it comes to health and wellness its a pretty good idea to detox from heavy metals as they are so common that over years of regular exposure you would be the envy of your peers in terms of health. Who knows how that would affect autism as it would impact the microbiome greatly. i myself practice regular intermittent fasting (audhd diagnosed since 6) and when i first started with my health and fitness fascination i really noticed improvements in focus and depression and anxiety improved (fasted 5 days intentionally. i do not recomend without serious study but detox occurs dramatically) so it sucks and you may have a personal desire to ignore for political or identity reasons but don't let the perfect be the enemy of the good here. Mothers will be mothers. Just don't let her make you antivax lol. Its important to be your own advocate when it comes to your health and seek natural remedies where you can because for one, it definitely helps with many symptoms not all and second the only other choice is just let the healthcare system turn you into a statistic. Most doctors were likely( (just probabilistically) D students who have found their rythym with their career and don't like new information let alone like hearing they've been thinking about things the wrong way ( like the body isn't one big interconnected system) or keep up with the latest in lifestyle and health interventions. I like to think that nature has the right combinations of compounds for everything that life may encounter due to diversity and billions of years of evolution. As you may assume, this biology and physics are my hyperfixations. This was all over the place. Hope it helps.

  23. Intermittent fasting is very different to what some people do to remove heavy metals.

  24. Precisely why i never suggested chelation and emphasized studying to #avoid vitamin and mineral deficiencies (a 24 hr fast is far easier on the body than a chelation even pectin or fruit fiber is a far better choice) but it seems you have worse problems. B12 is serious. A b complex is required Just get your own nutrition right. Its definitely detrimental if nutrition supplements are not being used especially electrolytes as they are rapidly and severely depleted.

  25. Seems we're on the same page because this pretty consistent with my own approach to diet. My bloodwork suggests it's working for me.

  26. Company towns didn't work because they lacked ambition. Now we're doing company countries.

  27. Say “tiny pink castle” with a Leeds accent and you’ll figure it out.

  28. Oh... that is not what I got on first read.

  29. There's also this line that Clarissa says to Bill after they sleep together that caught me completely off guard.

  30. I usually avoid this kind of movie so I kind of stumbled into it looking for some background distraction. That line got my attention, then Mama showed up, and it kept me on the hook as it ramped up. I'm still figuring out what I just saw.

  31. The only thing that's ambiguous is who's eaten more people, Shia or Armie.

  32. When are we all going to get our act together and just do what we've all been thinking?

  33. It’s only about 6 pounds lighter than the Sherman S. Needs to be lighter to be viable.

  34. The SS feels lighter than it is thanks to the weight distribution, so it will be interesting to see if they can do similar with this one. I still think many who want a 16 inch wheel will be put off by the weight though.

  35. And the complaints in Geelong about cyclists are up 10 fold.

  36. They really need to fix that rule. I get so many cars trying to speed ahead of me for a turn and then remembering to indicate at the last moment. Technically that means I'm supposed to hit the brakes and let them go, but sometimes it's not possible.

  37. I recently learned the term "Cuck Truck" for those ridiculously oversized utes. The dickheads who drive them do not like when I use that term.

  38. I started calling them mobile safe spaces for similar reasons. They can't even deny it after using (their own) safety as a justification.

  39. It's quite a task , I know, I've done it , congrats. I got a base in 256 galaxies in normal, survival , and Perma.. Now try what I did , go find a diplo in each. Well, I didn't bother with one in 256 since not everyone can get there these days. That's a suitable challenge. I was debating finding an s class multi tool in each but for now I'm happy just finding them mainly in eissentam

  40. Next challenge, find a greater mushroom beetle in each?

  41. Just remember, You don't swoop me and you get 10% of the meal.

  42. Meanwhile kookaburras are thinking, "but if I swoop I can get 100% of the meal".

  43. Look at Hyperion as a pilgrimage, where during the journey it sets the world and background of each character and why they are there. Like OP said, each of these tales can be seen a stories by themselves.

  44. I mentioned this in another comment, but people don't give enough credit to the antagonists in Endymion. They are much more interesting, but I guess hard to discuss because it would spoil the earlier books. I really felt for de Soya and all the shit he had to go through.

  45. A series would make snese but there’s nothing like the big screen. And I would really love some like Denis Villeneuve or Christopher Nolan to direct it.

  46. I'd like to see it get a proper anthology treatment, where each tale has a completely different production team. Of course that would add to costs so unlikely to happen, but different directors could work.

  47. The last movie I saw, there was a full grown man who spent about 75% of it with his phone out, sending whatsapp messages. I know this because I was one row behind him and could see his screen if I leaned forward slightly.

  48. My favourite obliviously rude cinema patron was a suited bloke sitting a few rows in front with a rather dressed up woman.

  49. I suspect it is more about the moon size. Especially in the light of the

  50. I mostly see this on moons. I think you're right.

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