1. Im calling bullshit on Amur. Only ~10 million people live alongside the river as it represents the border between Russia and China which has deliberately been kept backwater.

  2. Please look at a picture of Amur river and the border between Russia and China. You will notice that they do not match

  3. Looks to me like it does

  4. Well that's one you actually get from eating beef so...

  5. (A banner is a elongated poster right? or have gotten that wrong?)

  6. Thae fact that you can no longer buy fireworks here in Sweden still sadens me...

  7. Unrelated != Rivals. They havent exactly denounced each other.

  8. Because OSRS and RS3 are made by different people and the two games have different lores.

  9. Data is highly suspect. This almost certainly has more to do more with things like reporting numbers or different methodologies in different countries than actual stats.

  10. Don't know how true it is today. But my father often claimed that when he used to tour around Turkey a lot back in the 80s that you could pretty much get away with murder there as long as you paid the police enough to not pursue it. Especially if you were a tourist.

  11. Yes but this isn't about pronunciation. Its about spelling and that's

  12. Ah I thought we were talking about pronunciation, the fact that the netherlands is in 2 colours got me confused on top aswell

  13. Yea the brown part represents Frisia

  14. Maybe the detonation of the depth charges onboard the Punjabi took the mine with it?

  15. Every fucking time, I swear not a single person on Reddit knows the difference.

  16. In 1190 there was no “Russia” on any map (and there won’t be for several centuries more). There was Kievan Rus which is a totally different name and historical entity.

  17. This map is pretty old. "Kievian Rus" is a relativly modern exonym created by historians as the rus themselves always called their country "our land (of the rus)". Which becomes "Russia" in Latin and is also what the country was called in the west at the time.

  18. This map is not the map of “how the countries were named in 1190”. It’s a modern map with modern historical terms related to the historical entities of the time, and whatever the source of the term “Kievan Rus” is, it is more correct name than “Russia” for that region. Also, my ancestors didn’t call their land “Land the Rus” (ро́усьскаѧ землѧ is just the description of the land, like “British Lands” which makes sense but is not an official name of Britain), they called it just “Rus” in most of the sources. But even if the name were “Land of the Rus”, “Kievan Rus” is still more historically correct term than “Russia” anyways. If you jump back in time to 1190, most people will understand what lands you are talking about if you say “(Kievan) Rus” because most people knew what Kyiv was and who Rus people were, but the term “Russia” (which sounds like “roh-SEE-yah” in Slavic languages, whereas “Rus” sounds like “roos” — different names even phonetically, right?) would make people confused re. “where tf it is”.

  19. Calm down. I'm not attacking your heritage here. Yes of course referring to the state as "Kievian rus" describes it a lot better. Russia as we call it today didn't really after all exist until The Duchy Of Moscow conquered the other rus principalities in the 14-15th centuries.

  20. Russia also has a Jewish Oblast near China. Not many jew live there anymore, but it's interesting to see how that has shaped the area

  21. And a good chunk of North Ossetia (~30%) practise Assianism.

  22. Only if it's industrial farmed eggs because salmonella is spread through the cramped chicken farms

  23. Also a fun fact; humans cant break down the proteins off eggs very efficiently. You loose maybe 40% of their nutrional value by not cooking them

  24. Oh yeah, kind of like the recent try Toyota took at it. Went all in on hydrogen fuel cell tech and moved away from EV tech. Advertised for a few years but never once put in a refueling station in the US outside of California.

  25. The problem is storage. Not only are there very few materials that can hold hydrogen in the first place due to how small the molecules are, but its so reactive that it tends to react with its container and cause whats known as

  26. Nah, he and his brother were political rivals and did not see each other eye-to-eye. She is carrying on her fathers legacy.

  27. https://www.fifa.com/fifaplus/en/articles/ghana-vs-uruguay-fifa-world-cup-2022-12-years-on-black-stars-look-to-avenge

  28. Context: Qatar has made into World Cup History!... in the worst way, by (probably) being the first Host Nation to lose all games and also be the first Host Nation to be eliminated so quickly in a WC.

  29. But imagine if he does win against the netherlands! He could potentially drag them with him out of the tournament!

  30. You might refer to a single piece of glass as a pane, but untreated glass is called plate glass. It's called that to differentiate it from various type of safety glass, like laminated (your car windshield) and tempered (your car's side windows, among many other things).

  31. It's sort of niche, but I'd like a "don't ask me again" option when leaving Dragonkin

  32. Every warning popup should have the ability to be toggled off.

  33. It can be expanded to basically anything that interferes with the orderly administration of justice, and this includes upholding the dignity of the courts. The reasoning is that if lawyers would start to make a joke of the whole procedure, the entire process loses its legitimacy.

  34. So the right to satire doesnt apply to judges? Despite it applying to any other public figure?

  35. The point here is that the lawyer involved in the case made the post, any unaffiliated person can still make fun of the judge.

  36. Is it just me or is the SA players very spindly compared to the polish ones?

  37. Just a simple map made to explain those terms. As there seems to be a lot of confusion over them.

  38. And before that Wyverns made them crash too.

  39. Explains why his knee gave away...

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