1. As already mentioned here, commuting to Lansing from either Ann Arbor or Grand Rapids is going to get very old after about one week.

  2. I went to visit lansing last week to find a place to live. Holt is close to Mason where the work office is. Holt also has a very good apt complex I found.

  3. If your job was in Ann Arbor, I'd personally choose Ann Arbor without a second thought.

  4. It’s training and culture. Cops, even still, are taught that “bad guys” are an inherent threat and that they need to be “neutralized” and that they as a department/union/community will cover for each other if a “civilian” questions their actions. That kind of psychology embeds the kind of ego you see in situations like this, and where the whole gang mentality thing comes in.

  5. A psyop to what end though? Anti police? I just don’t understand why corporate American media would try to push a psyop that’s anti police personally.

  6. I saw that Yahoo Finance headline earlier and had a laugh, "GameStop (GME) Dips More Than Broader Markets". If I were outside looking in, I'd have started wondering months (years?) ago why this one certain stock gets so much negative press on an ongoing basis.

  7. My guess is (for Americans at least) a lot of people associate "white" with European descent, which doesn't match

  8. I own only BTC and ETH, and it's (a lot) more of the former than the latter. And I sleep soundly with my Trezor.

  9. I appreciate it. I speak functional Chinese (and can get around when we're in dongbei), but the issue is my vocabulary is too limited. Being unable to get into China since 2019 has not helped with that either; but I'm hoping to get a new Q visa in 2023 (now that China is somewhat opening up again).

  10. Yeah, that was already confirmed by police at the time I took the screenshot. Also hours earlier there were witness reports the shooter was an asian man 30-50. But why mention that or update with current information when you can push the idea of American anti-Chinese violence

  11. They need to lose the whole idpol angle and focus on the victims. This shit is surreal and tragic.

  12. He was rude as fuck. Yawning in my face when I was trying to talk to him.

  13. Sure I have heard that but in private conversations with people who trust me. That one is probably not the kind of opinion you really want to loudly announce to everyone.

  14. Yep, this is a big no-no topic / opinion. To be honest I haven't even heard this in private conversations in China. Quite the opposite.

  15. Every single point here is some heavy stuff. If you'd be willing to do a writeup (i.e. as its own post) stepping through these claims, with evidence/reasoning, it would be a fascinating read.

  16. Without self-custody, you shouldn't.

  17. This is a seperate CS account. How do I add to the Bot with another account?

  18. DRSBOT:CSn (where "n" == 2 or however many total accounts you have)

  19. Kind of a side tangent, but the US Census racial categories don't capture the racial/ethnic diversity in Hamtramck very well:

  20. Broadly speaking, the incentives are different, as credit unions are member-owned and nonprofit organizations. (Banks are for-profit.)

  21. But I get how that can drive down birth rate but not really gender preference.

  22. He's saying that 1) cost of raising a kid is now prohibitively high, so parents are more likely to have only one baby; and 2) there's still a preference for male offspring.

  23. perfectionism is a 'tenet of white supremacy??" has she ever met an asian parent???

  24. There is a term for that, and it's "internalized white supremacy" (although the proper term that has been gaining traction is "internalized vampire star supremacy").

  25. I wonder what percentage of that 6 million is bots

  26. Roid_Rage_Smurf (or anyone who knows) -

  27. Very close - the artwork is almost identical.

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