Working my job at McDonald’s in the window a kind, older stranger didn’t hesitate to hand me this. Considering a few nights ago I was having bad thoughts this really made me happy aside from the money, the words mean more than anything ❤️

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My kindergarten teacher, my cat, my mom, and you.

  1. I've always wondered about this, isn't it a risk of gators going in water that dark?

  2. I guess it depends on where you are. OP said they’re in Texas but there are some parts with zero alligators and some parts that are infested

  3. I like the give people the benefit of the doubt In any situation but I simply cannot comprehend why anyone would consider this to be a red drum

  4. I legit had no clue who he was, but I'm sold on the premise alone. As someone who liked Super, I'm happy to see we're getting more "loser superhero" stories.

  5. Yeah. I learned about him cause of Justice League Unlimited

  6. So what people make jokes about tragedies all the time, the world has so many tragedies. I know im gonna get downvoted but its really dumb seeing everyone up in arms about people making jokes on a meme sub

  7. Jesus fucking christ it literally happened like yesterday. Maybe too early for shitty insensitive memes

  8. so then don't make a post announicng the news on a meme subreddit it is exceedingly lame to then police what people can say on said post. There is a time and place for everything this may not be the time but its certainly not the place. I don't say you can't enjoy war movies because there is a war in Yemen and Ukraine

  9. No one says you can’t make jokes about car crashes, nothing wrong with darker humor, just maybe not on a post about one that happened yesterday that took the lives of two young people.

  10. Yeah you’re wearing goggles and amongus characters also wear similar googles

  11. Hmm. Still can’t get past the personalized results factor

  12. I hate the personalized results argument. Whenever someone gets a cringe recommended video or a cringe ad, someone just has to bring this up. Just because there’s personalization doesn’t mean the op likes things like that, the ai still has to give you knew things to see id you have new interests or your interests changed

  13. Yeah you’re right I’m not really serious I’m just being dicky

  14. Who really cares honestly. Indian or white it’s not like it would make the show better in any way

  15. Holy shit why is this such a discussion.

  16. We’ve found the smartest terraria player

  17. Its a great message when you think about it. Many civilizans today are getting crushed by the long work hours and loads of corporate America, starting a perpetual state of wokeness. But, if we help to stop this, maybe the public can have a better work-life balance, and have more sleep, therefore ending wokeness.

  18. And of course, the only answer to these damn posts is look more

  19. If that’s a mullet I will eat my chair

  20. Shit is this what the four dimensional beings are doing to us

  21. Cuz the arms dealer is making an illusion that looks like he's fucking the nurse?

  22. So here’s a thought, just a small guess, might be wrong. But maybe you’re seeing special things because you’re using a special seed

  23. Bro just put a gold key in it not everything needs to be explained like when a movie involves a mystery you don’t hop on Reddit and ask for an explanation, you watch the movie and it gets solved. Just play the game and do what it tells you

  24. A niche comic book villain that is able to take control over people’s motor functions. It makes sense you wouldn’t know him he had a minor role in Shazam 2

  25. Break it with a hammer once the spirits of light and dark are released

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