1. This has been a very solid product for me. Great quality.

  2. Full order. I always take advantage of these deals

  3. Not worth the money. Klutch co2 is generally better in terps and way better and price

  4. Let’s not compare Klutch oil to any rosin cart in this program. The taste on rosin oil isn’t really comparable IMO

  5. Recently had both of these. Was definitely impressed. Good review!

  6. My top 3 I’ve had is rainbow chip, problem child, and blueberry cupcake. I haven’t seen the lemon sunset around but I’ll definitely try it when I can.

  7. They have definitely started producing consistency. I know it’s hard to give someone another chance but it’s worth it. Cherry dosido is phenomenal

  8. They are rising with consistency. Cherry dosi do of late has been superb

  9. I’ve never had a bad batch of Rainbow Chip

  10. Donny burger and creamsicle were both on point

  11. Superflux Donny Burger was very good imo. Definitely strong gmo hints in smell and flavor. Was cured good too

  12. The 21% batch was noticeably better than the %20 batch. More dense. More terps.

  13. I feel like it's missing something. Cure may be off a bit

  14. I had a few solid dense nugs and some were kind of airy. Definitely wasn’t consistent but the flavor was there. More so on the dense nugs. Hopefully they can perfect this strain

  15. The lemon royal absolutely does not turn to dust. Cured perfectly and prepare to use a grinder cause it’s some sticky

  16. You got more than I got from my cherry dosidos 2.83

  17. The lime sherbet one was around 50% thc. The taste was insane.

  18. Last 5 batches of this has been phenomenal. A word rarely used for flower in this program.

  19. I’m definitely interested in trying. Currently using spark as well for rosin oil. Big taste.

  20. It had hit about wellness Ohio last friday. Was a half of blackberry at 26% and was on sale at 20% off. I checked just now and I think they sold out

  21. Last 3 batches of Lemon Royal are A1 perfect cure. I’ve made made multiple purchases of each.

  22. So this is interesting, that entourage cart has me the most stoned I’ve been in months lol. Having said that It’s a new product I’m not sure about, so I’m gonna say Standard farms, entourage and then the IHS pod.

  23. Haven’t had the entourage but I would lean the same direction on the other 2. I’m going by flavor and effects.

  24. I love standard farms co2 oil very much. I’m not crazy about the pod personally. Maybe it’ll be different in a few days

  25. That’s why I didn’t fully say anything yet. I’ve been medicated all day and just really got into the papaya. I’m not 100% amazed by the flavor but it’s definitely not harsh on my lungs.

  26. I haven’t had this exact batch but I’ve never had a bad batch of this particular strain by farkas. 10+ purchases

  27. I have had 2 Mac n cheese that were similar. No issues

  28. Those standard farm carts are definitely tasty. Also very comparable to grow Ohio flavors of oil

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