1. I never go there. It would be great to see kids running around again.

  2. Our DNA is imperfectly copied all the time in cell division, resulting in standard aging and diseases like cancer. Zipping and unzipping DNA so many times is at the core of the problem. For example, Telomeres shorten as we age. This is believed to be why Dolly the cloned sheep got so much cancer and died early. So cloning a full-grown adult has inherent problems.

  3. The could have been enslaved by another spacefaring alien, gained tech from them in a revolution.

  4. It is a struggle. I can't know what you're going through, but I hear your words like my own. So sorry you're going through this.

  5. Perhaps: brotherhood, sisterhood, kindred, fellowship?

  6. Some of us created a slack group (Manuscript Working Group) for authors who are interested.

  7. Depleted uranium ammunition? Why make it complicated when it can be simple ?

  8. Depleted uranium is the way to go. If you want them to be unique, you can make them personally loaded. Or go with a non-standard caliber. 6.5mm Creedmoor or for long range: 338 Lapua Magnum

  9. Kitty head. You know they'll just play with you long after they tortured you to death.

  10. DF7 says:

    Looks like a new subreddit banner to me.

  11. I'm happy for anyone to use it for any purpose.

  12. Reading Level for Some books: (Different sources so may not be accurate)

  13. Yes, this what I found after some digging. Fairly interesting. Can't say that I'd ever considered the reading level of my audience before. I write to market, which is easy enough.

  14. There's also this if you want to check your own:

  15. Definitely going to need to change the title. SEO for "metal" is one of the worst things I can imagine. Concept sounds super interesting though!

  16. Thanks. I’ve been thinking of secondary titles, like: METAL: THE DOWNFALL

  17. the secret underground lab gave it away to be honest. 🤣 you set up that wall is the only expert in this field. he has two people with him - the romanian assistant (who was a good bet until towning came along) and a rich old man benefactor towning... this isnt criticism but maybe the old man betraying the protagonist is an opportunity for a good plot twist. that means you have to disguise it a bit, but not too much to arouse suspicions. its probably impossible to make that sort of change so late process because you want it to be a killer twist at an appropriate time in the story. it is what it is - i wouldnt worry about it too much. if everything else works i wouldnt be changing a load of stuff now.

  18. Thanks for the feedback. I appreciate it. I intended to make it a little crichton-esk, so I'm glad you picked up on that. It's hard to thread the needle between too much and too little detail.

  19. I'd thin it out somewhat. But not change the gist of it. Well done mate.

  20. If the "bacteria" is more than a very local phenomenum and is able to ruin centimeter thick gaz pipe, or even "just" milimeter thick door knobs, then Mankind is doomed.

  21. Thanks for the feedback. Very helpful.

  22. It was from my phone. This is as good as it gets

  23. We've been here for a while. We got super lucky when we found this place.

  24. Anybody else thinking the colors are brighter this year? Maybe the rain earlier in the year? I'm noticing a lot more bright reds and yellows from Maples and elms than in past years.

  25. Agreed. It beautiful out there.

  26. Question l: Trying not to bias answer:

  27. I have a chronic illness with a reading problem (different). I have kindle read to me and get audibles. It’s the only way it works. I still support authors, but I also get to enjoy.

  28. Interesting fact: a couple months ago a Harvard researcher used a virus to deliver stem cells to old mice, which reset the DNA in their hair and eyes ie de-aged their eyes and fur.

  29. Wow, that's cool. I'll look for an article on that.

  30. Try Day After Infinity - Between We Are Legend (We Are Bob) and Expeditionary Force

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